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PHP's opening delimiter (no angle bracket)
PHP logical AND
PHP's variable prefix
PHP's whitespace terminator symbol
One of PHP's print statements
PHP's string concatenator
Function that rounds a float number
3 of these is perl's heredoc opening delimiter
Command that takes a file name and inserts file's contents into the script
Same as above but kills the remaining script if the file is missing
else if statement for PHP
function that extracts data from a form
Function that creates a cookie in PHP
Third argument of this function
Function that retrieves a cookie
Function that checks if a variable is set to something
Function that starts a PHP session
Associative array used to store user data in a session
Keyword to create a function
Function to open a file
Function to read a file by specifying num of bytes
Function to read one line in a file
Function that deletes a file
Associative array where all information about files is stored
Function that searches for a string within a string
Function that replaces all instances of a match with another string
Function that takes a string and delimiter and puts values in an array
Function that takes an array and a delimiter and makes a string out of it with entries separated by delimiter
ASP's opening delimiter (without angle brackets)
ASP's logical OR
ASP's string concatenator
ASP's variable sigil
Maximum character length of ASP's variables
ASP's equality test if (a EQUALS b)
ASP's inequality test spell out symbols
ASP's print statement
ASP keyword for declaring array() or variable
ASP keyword that re-sets the size of a created dynamic array
When using the previous function, old data is lost. This command will keep the old data and add it in the array
A session object is only created when you store information into the ______
Set session expiry time to 2 hours: Session.Timeout = ____
Set a cookie in ASP
Retrieve data from a form in ASP
Ruby sigil for class variable
Ruby sigil for global variable
Ruby sigil for instance variable
Ruby exponent operator
String operator that puts all letters to upper case
Method that verifies class of an object
Ruby's print statement
Ruby's toString method
Ruby's else if statement
Ruby's array size method
Ruby hash is set by specifying 'key' ____ 'value' (enter the symbol)
Ruby keyword for creating a function
Ruby requires this to access forms (require '___'
Ruby treats cookies as this data structure
If this field of a cookie = true then it can only be retrieved with a secure server
Ruby and CGI function to send cookie to browser
The cookie's expiration field
A ruby session object is this type of data structure
This key holds the session ID
To enable Java script, script type=______
If you want JavaScripts to run on events (mouse click) then script must be placed in
JavaScript's keyword that defines a function
Method that brings up a popup box with text in it
JavaScript event that is triggered when user enters the page
JavaScript event that is triggered when user exits the page
JS event that is used to validate form data
JS event that is triggered when a form field changes data
JS else if statement
JS method that brings up a popup box with OK or CANCEL as choices
JS method that redirects the current window to another website
JS method that creates a new browser window
XML was created to _____ data and not to _____ data
XML documents must contain 1 element that is parent of all others. this is called the ____ element
Other than illegal characters, xml elements cannot start with what 3-letter combination
All attributes of an XML tag must be enclosed in this
XML with correct syntax is called ___ ____ XML
XML validated against a DTD is ____ XML
XML function that allows you to communicate to your server from inside webpage
XML entity reference for less than symbol (enter it without ampersand)
XML entity reference for greater than symbol
XML entity reference for ampersand
XML entity reference for apostophe (single quote)
XML entity reference for double quotes
< person age='20'> < / person > In this case, age is a _______
< person > 20 In this case, age is ______
The less popular way of displaying information in an XML document
An XML namespace is defined by this attribute in the start tag of an element
XSL language for transforming XML documents
XSL language for navigating in XML documents
XSL language for formatting XML documents
XPath path expression that selects all child nodes of the named node
XPath path expression that selects all child nodes of the named node
XPath path expression that selects from the root node
Part4XPath path expression that selects the current node
XPath path expression that selects attributes
XPath path expression that selects nodes in the documenet from the current node that match the selection no matter where they are
XPath path expression that selects the parent of the current node
XPath wildcard that matches any attribute node
XPath wildcard that matches any element node
XPath wildcard that matches any node of any kind
XPath absolute location starts with this
XPath absolute location starts with this
XPath division operator
To create an RSS feed you use create this first
After creating it, you put it in this

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