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Introduction to Imperative Paradigm
The imperative paradigm is a series of steps. Step #1 is... 
Step #2 
Step #3  
Name one example of Procedural Abstraction  
Procedural abstraction allows the programmer to be concerned mainly with _______ ignoring the details on how it is computed 
The heart of an Imperative Language 
Expressions and Assignment
This semantic is when the expression is evaluated to a value, which is copied to the target; used mainly by imperative languages 
This semantic is when an expression is evaluated to an object, whose pointer is copied to the target; used mainly by OO languages 
Structured programming revolution of 1970s replaced Goto with what? 
Imperative Paradigm in C
Name one of C's ancestor languages 
Name one thing that C lacks 
Which O/S was C originally designed for  
Imperative Paradigm in Ada
One of the influences of Ada was that the US department of defense was spending billions on software written in over 450 languages. Their solution was ___ 
Name one of the languages that Influenced Ada 
Unlice C, these errors are trapped. What are they 
Imperative Paradigm in Perl
Perl is a scripting language originally for which OS 
Perl is statically typed: true or false 
Perl supports regular expression pattern matching: true or false 
Characteristics of IP in Perl
This concept is when output is taken from one application and reformatted into desired input format for a different application 
Name one of two concepts of dynamic arrays in Perl 
Name one of the primitive types in Perl 
True or false: Orthogonality is a strong concept in Perl 
Scalar variables in perl start with 
Indexed arrays start with 
Hash arrays start with 
Strings in Perl
Interpreted strings are enclosed with 
Uninterpreted strings are enclosed with 
Introduction to Object Oriented Paradigm
This is the central theme in OOP 
This characteristic in OOP relates to objects having many forms, and the late binding of a cal to one of sever different implementations of a method in an inheritance hierarchy 
Inheritance addresses one of these concerns 
Concepts of Object Oriented Paradigm
ADTs are usually called ______ 
Class instances are called _____ 
A class that inherits is a _______ 
The class form which another class inherits is _____ 
Subprograms that define operations on objects are called _____ 
More Concepts of Object Oriented Paradigm
Calls to methods are called 
The message interface has two parts, name them 
This concept is defined when: A class hides entities from subclasses, a class hides entities form clients, a class having entites for clients while allowing subclasses to see them 
This concept is when a class modifies an inherited method 
Name the two kinds of variables in a class 
This type of method acceps messages to the class 
This type of method accepts messages to objects 
Dynamic Binding
An abstract method is one that does not include _______ (but defines a protocol) 
An abstract class is one that includes at least one ____ 
An abstract class cannot be _____ 
Design issues for OOP
This issue discusses Pure vs Impure OO languages 
Type checking and Polymorphism are concered with what two design concepts 
This issue relates to the complexity and efficiency of the diamond inheritance 
Object allocation and deallocation are concered with 1 of two things 
Exclusivity of Objects
Everything is an object: Advantage 
Everything is an object: Disdvantage 
Adding objects to a complete typing system: Advantage 
Adding objects to a complete typing system: Disdvantage 
Include an imperative style typing system for primitives but make everything else objects: Advantage 
Include an imperative style typing system for primitives but make everything else objects: Disadvantage 
If a derived class 'is-a' parent class, then objects of the derived class must behave ______ as the parent class object 
Type checking and Polymorphism
Polymorphism may require dynamic type checking of _____ and _____ 
Two disadvantages of Dynamic type checking 
Single and multiple Inheritance
This disadvantage of inheriting from 2 or more classes is in part due to name collisions 
This disadvantage is when dynamic binding costs more with multiple inheritance 
Allocation and De-allocation
If objects behave like ADTs, they can be allocated from one of two places 
If objects are heap-dynamic, references can be uniform through one of two things 
Dynamic and Static Binding
Dynamic binding is a tradeoff with high functionality but very low ______  
Smalltalk and OO
Everything is _____ 
All objects are allocated from ____ 
All deallocation is implicit or explicit 
Type error occurs when a message is sent to an object that has no matching ______ 
OO and C++
This access control is when a variable is visible only in the class and friends. It also disallows subclasses from being subtypes 
This access control is when a variable is visible in subclasses and clients 
This is when a variable is visible in the class and subclasses but not clients 
A pure virtual fucntion has no ____ 
A class that has at least one pure virtual function is _____ 
OO and Java
All data are objects except ____ 
All primitives have ____ that store one data value 
This keyword will make a method 'un-overridable' 
Non static classes nested directly are called ____ 
This is a mechanism whereby a program can discover and use the methods of any of its objects and classes 
In Java, the 'Class' class provides one of 5 information about an object 
OO and C#
To allow dynamic binding of method calls to methods, the base class method is marked ____ 
The corresponding methods are marked 
All C# classes are ultimately derived from a single root class called ____ 

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