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ADT Conditions
Representation of, and operations on objects of the type are defined in __________ unit(s). 
Implementation of objects of the type is ________ from the program units so only operations possible are ones in the type's definition 
Advantages of Data Abstraction
Name 1 of 3 advantages of first condition 
Name the advantage of the second condition. This is done by hiding data representations 
Abstraction in Ada
One of the encapsulation constructs(packages) - This one defines the interface 
The other of the encapsulation constructs. This one speficies the implementation of the entities named in the specification 
The public part of the Specification package contains: _____ of abstract type 
The public part also contains representations of _______  
The private part contains representations of the 
Private types have ________ for assignment and comparison, but limited private types have none of this. 
Abstraction in C++
This is the encapsulation device for C++ 
Name 1 of 2 things that each class instance share 
Instances of classes can be one of three things. 
To hide information, this clause is used for hidden entities 
This clause is used for interface entities 
This clause is used for inheritance 
More Abstraction in C++
This is a special function to initialize data members of instances. It may allocate storage if part of the object is heap-dynamic. 
This function is implicitly called when an instance is ______ 
The name of the previous function and class name must 
These are functions to clean up after an instance is destroyed 
This function is implicitly called when the object's lifetime ____ 
The name of this function is the class name preceded by what character 
This special function provites access to private members to some unrelated units or fucntions and is necessary in C++ 
Differences in Abstraction in Java and C++
All user defined types are _____ 
Objects are allocated from _____ and accessed through ______. 
Java contains this scoping mechanism which can be used in place of friend functions 
C# Abstraction
Name one of two access modifiers 
All class instances are [Static, Stack Dynamic, Heap Dynamic]? 
Destructors are rarely used because _____ is used for most heap objects 
Structs are lightweight classes adn do not support this 
Common solution for this. 
ADTs in Ruby
Encapsulation constructs is the class. Names of local variables are preceded by ____ 
Instance variable names are preceded by ____ 
Class variable names are preceded by ____ 
Constructors are implicitly called when this method is called 
Parameterized ADTs (Generic Classes)
In Ada, this is made generic by making the element tye and size of ____ generic 
In C++. generalization can be achieved by writing parameterized ______ 
In C++, the stack element type can be parameterized by making the class ______ 
Most common generic types are of which class? (Some subclasses are LinkedList and ArrayList) 
Name a language that supports nested subprograms 
In C to encapsulate the interface is placed where? 
The syntax for preprocessor specification - used to include header files in applications 
In C++, header and code files can be used for encapsulation. What is the other alternative method? 
To provide a way to grant access to private members, these are used 
C# assemblies
Assemblies in C# are a collection of files that appear to be either one of two things 
C# has an access modifier. This makes a class visible to all classes in the assembly in which it appears. What is this modifier called? 
Naming Encapsulations
C++ and C# method of dividing global names into logial groupings.  
Ada and Java's method of naming encapsulations 

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