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Language w/o exception handling
When an exception occurs, control goes to ________ 
Then a message is displayed and the program _______ 
Language w/ exception handling
When an exception occurs, it is _______ 
The problem is then fixed if possible and the program _____  
Alternatives to programs without exception handling
Send ________ or use ________ to indicate return status of a program 
Pass _______ to all subprograms ( error is returned in this as well) 
Pass _______ to all subprograms 
Advantages of built-in exception handling
This does not need to be written, and it clutters the program 
This principle encourages programmers to consider many different possible errors 
This allows a high level of reuse of exception handling code 
Exception handling in Ada
Frame of an exception handlier in Ada is either: a S_____ (begins with s) 
Frame of an exception handlier in Ada is either: a P_____  
Frame of an exception handlier in Ada is either: a T_____  
Frame of an exception handlier in Ada is either: a B_____  
These must all have #____ parameters 
Ada, Binding exceptions to Handlers: If this unit has been raised an exception, where is the exception propagated
If a Procedure, exception is propagated to: 
If its a Block, exception is propagated to 
If its a package body, exception is propagated to: 
If its a library unit: 
If its a task... 
More on Ada exceptions:
The unit that raises an exception along with the units to which exception was propagated to but did not handle are... 
Any block that is propagated that doesn't handle the exception is... 
Control returns to a (higher/lower) level 
Ada Predefined exceptions
(Blank)_ERROR - index constraints, range constraints, etc 
(Blank)_ERROR - numeric operation, overflow, divide by 0 
(Blank)_ERROR - call to a subprogram whose body has not been implemented 
(Blank)_ERROR - system runs out of heap 
(Blank)_ERROR - error associated with tasks 
Exceptions in C++
The 2 main functions for handling C++ exceptions 
If the formal parameter of the catch function is ______ then the handler will handler all exceptions not yet handled 
This statement will raise an exception 
An unhandled exception is propagated to the _____ 
After a handler completes its excecution, control flows to the first statement after which construct 
The default exception handler does what? 
Exceptions in Java
All exceptions are objects of classes that are descendants of which class 
One of two throwable exceptions. It is trhow by Java interpreter for events such as heap overflow. It is never handled by user programs 
The other of two throwable exceptions. User defined exceptions are usually subclasses of this 
Name one of the two predefined subclasses of the previous answer. 
Exceptions of class 'Error' and 'RuntimeException' and all of their descandants are called 
All other exceptions are called ___ (opposite of previous answer) 
This clause can appear at the end of a try construct and specifies code that is to be executed regardless of what happens in the try construct 

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