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Introduction to Logic Paradigm
Using the W5H, Logic paradigm focuses on the _______ instead of the ______ 
Logic is a natural vehicle for expressing ______ 
Logic uses a technique called ______ to produce results 
Symbolic Logic
Name one of the basic needs of Formal logic 
The particular form of symbolic logic used for logic programming is called _____ 
A symbol that reperesents a single object 
A symbol that can represent different objects at different times 
One element of a mathematical relation, written like a mathematical function (mathematical function is a mapping) 
A proposition that is assumed true 
The truth of a proposition is to be determined 
When a proposition has 2 or more atoms and connected by operators 
Predicate Calculus
B1 U B2 U ... Bn C A1 ^ A2 ^ ... ^ Am means that if all As are true then _____ B is true 
An inference principle that allows inferred propositions to be computed from given propositions: Ex T c P and S c T then S c P (P implies T) 
Finding values for variables in propositions that allows matching processes to succeed 
Assigning tempory values to variables to allow unification to succeed 
Process that occurs when a goal with multiple subgoals fails. It reconsiders previous subgoal to find an alternative solution, Search begins where previous search left off and can take lots of time to find all possible proofs to every subgoal 
Theorem Proving
This form of Horn clause is when there's a single atomic proposition on the left side. Eg: Likes(bob, trout) C Likes(bob, fish) ^ fish(trout) 
This form is with an empty left side and is used to state facts. Ex: father(bob, jake) 
A symbolic value of Prolog 
The goal of a Prolog program is the user's _______ 
This is the method of Prolog problem solving where it begins with a goal, attempts to find a sequence that leads to a set of facts in a database.  
This search method is when we find a complete proof for the first subgoal before working on others: Ans: _____-first search 
Prolog Tracer
Beginning of attempt to satisfy goal 
When a goal has been satisfied 
When backtrack occurs 
When goal fails 
Prolog Deficiencies
Name one of the deficiencies of prolog 
Introduction to Functional Paradigm
Name one of three ways that functions interact 
The primary concern of designing functional programs 
A (greek letter) expression specifies the parameters and mapping of a function in the following form. these dedscribe nameless expressions 
This type of function is one that takes either functions as parameters or yields a function as its result or both 
Fundamentals of FPL
Objective of design of a FPL is to mimic _____ to the greatest extent possible 
In an FPL, the evaluation of a function laways produces the same result given the same parameters 
Writing recursive functions that can be automatically converted to iteration 
Scheme only uses this type of scoping 
Given a lambda expression (LAMBDA (x) (* x x): x is called 
In scheme, this is the return value when TRUE 
In scheme, this function is used for constructing functions 
More Scheme
This function takes a list parameter and returns the head 
This function takes a list parameter and returns the tail 
Takes 2 simple list parameters and return true if they are equal 
ML uses this type of scoping 
ML uses contains ____ type checking 
In ML this keyword is used to declare a function 
True or false: ML allows user overloaded functions 
Name one of the differences Haskell has from ML 
The operation for concatenating lists 
A language is strict if it requires all _____ to be fully evaluated 
This type of evaluation only computes values that are necessary 
Introduction to Concurrent Paradigm
Name one of the 4 levesl that concurrency can occur 
SIMD machine stands for  
MIMD machine stands for 
This category of concurrency is when there are multiple independent processors (multiple threads of control) 
This category is when the appearance of the previous concurrency is presented by time sharing one processor (software can be designed as if there were multiple threads of control 
This category is when there is only one thread of control 
Introduction to subprogram level concurrency
True or False: A difference between tasks and subprograms is that when a program unit starts execution of a task, the program is not suspended 
True or False: When a task's execution is completed, control always returns to the caller 
These types of tasks execute in their own address space 
These types of tasks run in the same address space and is more efficient 
A task is ______ if it does not communicate with or affect the execution of any other task 
This type of synchronization is when Task A must wait for Task be to finish before task A can continue its execution: ex producer-consumer 
This type of synchronization is when two or more tasks must use some resource that cannot be simultaneously be used: eg shared counter 
Name one of the provisions necessary for task communication  
Task Execution States
This mechanism provides synchronization that is necessary for delaying task execution. It maps task execution onto available processor 
Created but not yet started 
Task Execution States
Ready to run but not running (no available processor) 
Task Execution States
Currently running 
Has been running but cannot continue(usually waiting for some event to occur) 
No longer active 
This characteristic describes a situation in sequental code. The unit will eventually complete its execution 
This characteristic describes a situation in that if all taskes in a concurrent environment lose the previous characteristic 
Semaphore consits of ____ and ____ for storing task descriptors 
Two operations of Semaphores (originally called P and V by Dijkstra) 
The idea behind monitors is to encapsulate ____ and its operations to restrict access 
In competition synchronization, a monitor implementation guarantees a synchronized access by allowing only _____ 
In cooperation synchronization, amonitor must guarantee that the shared buffer does not experience either one of two things 
Message Passing
To support concurrent tasks with message passing, a language needs a mechanism to allow a task to indicate when it is _____ and a way to remember who its waiting for and a fair way of choosing the next message 
This term is when a sender task's message is accepted by a receiver task 
Java Threads
Concurrent units in java are methods named ____ 
The thread class has methods to control execution of threads. This one is a request form the running thread to voluntarily surrender the processor 
This one is used by the caller of the method to block the thread 
This method is used to force a method to delay its execution until the run method of another thread has completed its execution 
This constant is used to determine the default priority of a thread 
The maximum priority constant 
Function to change the priority of a thread  
Method that disallows any other moethod from running on the object while it is in execution 

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