CPS 621 2nd Midterm Questions

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Each 8x8 pixel character takes this many bytes to store
A 640x480 vector image has this number of lines
Bitmap images are coded using up to 256 different colours requiring this number of bytes per pixel
Uncompressed telephone speech is sampled at this many kHz
The data stream of an uncompressed telephone speech is at this rate in Kbits/sec
Uncompressed CD quality audio is sampled at this many kHz
Uncompressed CD quality audio is quantized at this many bits per sample
The data stream of an uncompressed CD quality audio is this at this rate
For uncompressed video luminance and chrominance of each pixel are coded using this many bytes
The data stream of uncompressed non HD video is this
For a good decompression, the time taken to decompress should be at most this number of ms (milliseconds)
For a good decompression, random access to individual frames should be possible in this time frame
A good decompression should be independent of frame size - Yes or No
Compression in software implies expensive, faster, and high quality solution - Yes or No
Compression in Hardware implies expensive, faster, and high quality solution - Yes or no
This type of coding is lossy. It takes into account the semantics of the information and plays with the frequencies and the colours
This type of encoding is lossles. Data prior to encoding is identical to data fater encoding
Most known coding techniques use a combination of the previous two. It is known as ____
When compressing still images, video, and audio data streams, quantization happens BEFORE entropy coding - Yes or No
When preparing images for compression, an Digital-to-Analog conversion of the original is done - Yes or No
During image processing, this lossless process helps seeparate images into parts of differing importance (w.r.t. image's visual quality)
Quantization is a lossless process - Yes or No
This type of compression is used for dialog mode applications. The same amount of time is needed for decoding and encoding
In asymmetric compression, encoding is only performed once - Yes or No
In asymmetric compression, decoding is also performed once - Yes or No
Using RLE - decompress this: T4!immmefor d6!aQu10!e6!z
Using Zero Suppression - compress this:01001000100000001
Using Zero Suppression decompress this: 010 000 101 100
This type of text coding determines frequently occurring pairs of bytes such as 're' 'in'. These are replaced by single bytes that dont occur anywhere like the uncommon letter 'x'
This type of statistical coding uses an equal number of bits to represent each symbol. A message of N symbols requires >= log2(N) bits per symbol
The previous answer is good for encoding symbols with non equal probability of occurrence - Yes or No
This data structure is used for huffman coding
In Huffman coding shortest code is assigned to the most frequently occurring character - Yes or No
This iterative process is when processing and quantization steps are repeated iteravely.
When applying differential encoding to videos, when motion is involved (i.e. bg changes) this is used
Differential encoding is lossless - Yes or No
During JPEG picture preparation, the compression algorithm cuts up the image in separate blocks of pixes that are this dimension - X * X. What is X?
During JPEG picture preparation, name one of the possible ways that planes can be assigned colors.
In human vision luminance is more important than chrominance - Yes or No
A JPEG image using YUV or YIQ can use 4:2:3 and 4:1:1 ratio. However these are not the most popular choice. What ratio is?
JPEG quality settings (normal, fine, very fine...) are part of this step in JPEG compression
When decompressing a JPEG image using Inverse DCT, the result is lossy - Yes or No
For transmission, an audio compressor will perform an analog to digital tranformation - Yes or No
Most codecs are lossy - yes or no
The AVI codec however, is lossless - Yes or No
This audio codec is the most common and contains up to 6 discrete channels of sound and supports audio sample rates up to 48 kHz
MP3 digital file using bitrate 128 kbit will result in a file that is how much smaller than the size of a normal cd audio of the same file?
A combination of various techniques that provide representation of sound by using psychoacoustic models to discard or reduce precision of components that are inaudible to human hea
During VBR encoding, when silence is present in the music it is common to drop the bitrate for that particular section - Yes or No
In Joint Stereo Encoding, parts of the spectrum are encoded in mono. These parts are for which the human ear has no directional hearing. These parts include mid-range tones - Yes o
This coding technique was designed to be the successor of the mp3 format and is the default audio format for iPhone, iPod and iTunes.
This audio codec is the most popular lossless one. It will acheive compression rates ranging from 30 to 50%
This video codec was developed in 1992 and was part of Apple's Quicktime video suite. It was designed to encode 320x240 resolution at cd-rom transfer rates. It was used on Sega CD,
For compression, the cinepak video codec uses an algorithm that is similar to the DCT algorithm - Yes or No
The maximum resolution of MPEG-1 videos is X * X. What is x?
MPEG-1 ONLY supports progressive scan - Yes or No
During MPEG-1 encoding, the basic scheme is to predict motion from frame to frame and then use DCT to organize redundancy in spatial direction. DCT's are done on 8x8 blocks and mot
The I Frame or Intra frame in MPEG-1 is a frame that uses past history to recostruct an image - Yes or No
The P Frame or Predicted Frame can be coded as an I Frame if there is no good prediction/match - Yes or No
The B Frame or Bidirectional frame is predicted from the closest two I or P frames one in past and one future. If no match is found you can also code it as an I frame - Yes or No
MPEG-2 is the standard format for cable, satellite and direct broadcast TVs - Yes or No
MPEG-2 is optimized for all bit-rates - Yes or No
MPEG-2 decoders often cannot play back MPEG-1 - Yes or No
MPEG-4 adds extended support for this language that supports 3d rendering, object oriented composite files, and for DRM. What is this called?
DivX, Xvid and Nero Digital are implementations of this MPEG-4 standard
This alternative standard for video compression is equivalent to MPEG-4 part 10 or MPEG-4 AVC.
This technique used in video compression software is to reduce quality in very bright or dark areas while improving quality in more visual areas.
This algorithm improves data compression in DCT-based encoding by finding the optimal quantization for each block to maximize the peak s/n ratio relative to bitrate
Xvid encoded files can be played in a DivX compatible DVD player - Yes or No
This command line tool converts one video file format to another and supports grabbing and encoding in real time from a TV card
The AVI container format supports multiple streaming of audio and video - Yes or No
The AVI container also supports B-Frames - Yes or No
.AVI files contains pixel aspect ratio - Yes or No
This container serves as a universal format for storing common multimedia content such as tv shows or movies. It is also commonly used to store HD videos
The mp4 container uses from what iteration of MPEG-4 - Part ___
A CD laser beam has a wave length of this many nanometres
Laser beams can be focused to a resolution of this many micrometres
In a polycarbonate substrate layers, data is encoded in these areas called _____
The area in between the corresponding data are called
Pits have a depth of this many micrometers fro mteh substrate surface
Laser hitting pits are reflected with stronger intensity - Yes or No
In CDs, ALL data is placed on one track (spiral) for continuous playback - Yes or No
The length of a pit is always a multiple of this many micrometres
A change from pit to land represents binary 1 - Yes or No
A change from land to pit represents binary 0 - Yes or No
No change from land or pit means binary 0 -Yes or No
Analog long-playing records and cassette tapes have a signal-to-noise ratio of approximately how many dB?
The signal-to-noise ratio of CDs is exactly this many dB
The play time of a CD is at least this many minutes long
Using 8-14 modulation write out the channel bits from this sequence: lppppllllll pppllpllllpppp
Using 8-14, write out the CD-DA data as combo of l and p (first bit is l): 01000100 0011001001
DVD uses a laser with a wavelength of this many nanometres
A single layer DVD-R has more storage space than single layer DVD+r - Yes or No
A dual layer DVD-R has more storage space than a double layer DVD+R
Because of added capacity, dual layer DVDs have a slower write speed than single layer DVDs - Yes or No
A Blu-Ray disc uses a laser with a wave length of this many nanometres

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