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to be glad,to be delighted
to run
to sing
to have dinner(noon meal)
to love,to like
to understand
To go/come (on foot)
to joke
To grow
to have
to fly
To lie,to tell a lie
to complain
to look at
to smoke
to learn,to study
To haul,to transport
to be silent
to know
To swim
to lie,to be lying down
to hear
to remember
to have breakfast
To groan
To steal
To whisper
to stand,to be standing
to know how
To fight,to struggle
to get up
to sit down
to enter
To live
to have to
to laugh
to hurry
to read
to think
to worry
to request,to plead
To take
To cry
to prepare
to shout,to scream
to listen
To carry
to telephone
to pay
to have supper(evening meal)
to weigh
to wait
to put, to place
to play
to bathe oneself
To plough(plow)
to work
to shave oneself
to converse,to speak
to marry,to get married
To be able
To write
to fear,to be frightened
to sleep
To say
to buy
to drink
to dress oneself
to lie down
to sell
to dance
to see
to sit,to be sitting
to talk,to speak
to ask,to inquire
To go/come (by vehicle)
to do
To want

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