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I saved a bus full of people from being blown up by a mad man. Then I took his head off on top of a train.Keanu Reeves
I taught celebrities how to play cards before robbing 3 casinosBrad Pitt
I worked on the docks during The Great Depression, until I made my comeback in professional boxingRussell Crowe
I was the biggest cocaine dealer in the US before my partner betrayed me and Penelope Cruz divorced meJohnny Depp
I traveled across the US searching for twinkies. On my way I killed a few zombies.Woody Harrelson
I fell in love with Natalie Portman when I came home for my mother's funeralZach Braff
I drove across the country with my best friend to deliver a briefcase to someone I had never seen.Jeff Daniels
I seduced the headmaster's daughter and am in love with my step-sisterRyan Phillippe
I'm a wrestler stuck in detentionEmilio Estevez
I solved the murders of many mob members in South Boston. I didn't turn the brothers at fault in though.Willem Dafoe

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