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It is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark.Geography
It is an autonomous province within the Kingdom of Denmark.Geography
What is the world's largest fish?Science
What is the world's slowest fish?Science
In which film can one hear Ray Liota say: '...I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce and I got egg noodles and ketchup'?Movies
The largest robbery in history happened in March 2003. The thieves made off with $1 billion. Which bank did the thieves rob?History
Artist known for almost single-handedly founding the Cubist movement.History
What is the name of the Roman God of Fire?Religion
The Alps stretch through seven countries. Here are six: Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria. Which one is missing?Geography
What chemical is added to odourless natural gas in order for people to detect leaks by smell?Science
What is the most visited website?Entertainment
Name one of the five NHL teams in the Northeast Division. City and full team name required. Sports
Which Michael Cimino film won an Oscar for Best Picture in 1978?Movies
What food is reponsible for turning a flamingo pink?Science
What is the name of the teacher in The Magic School Bus?Television
Who founded Sporcle?Entertainment/Just for Fun
Who were the participants in a controversial kiss during the 2003 MTV Music Video Awards?Entertainment
Name the tallest tree species found on Earth.Science
What is the name of the projectile used in badminton?Sports
What is an eagle's nest called?Science
What is the best-selling nameplate in automotive history? Make ModelHistory
What is the latin/scientific name for Northern Lights?Science
What is the latin/scientific name for Southern Lights?Science
One of the highest grossing films of the silent era, it is often credited as having inspired the unfortunate reformation of the Ku Klux Klan in 1914. Movies
Write h-i-p-p-o-p-o-t-o-m-o-n-s-t-r-o-s-e-s-q-u-i-p-e-d-a-l-i-o-p-h-o-b-i-a without the dashes.Language
The word you just spelt is the fear of...Science
Name one of the twelve sons of Jacob.Religion
Historically speaking, what was the emblem of the emperors of China?History
On Mohs Scale, the mineral Talc is listed as a 1 and Diamond is listed as a 10. With this information, determine what Mohs Scale measures.Science
What is the most popular meat worldwide?Just for Fun
Who was the first President of the USA?History
Which fruit is renown for preventing and treating urinary tract infections?Science
Who was the first President of the USA under the current Constitution?History
An optical instrument in the shape of a tube that is rotated to create symmetrical images by means of mirrors.Language/Just for Fun
Using the light energy provided by the sun, plants convert carbon dioxide into organic compounds (sugars). What is this process called?Science
Speaking of plants, what is the scientific name given to the green pigment in leaves?Science
What is the common name of the Mesozoic Era?History
Name the first of the three Mesozoic time periods (245-208 million years ago).History
What is the second one called (208-146 million years ago)?History
And the third is the (146-65 million years ago)...History
What is yellow in French?Language
What is yellow in Spanish?Language
What is yellow in Italian?Language
What is yellow in German?Language
What fraction of a shark's brain is dedicated to its sense of smell?Science
Name Geppetto's 'real boy' puppet.Movies
What term is coloquially used to describe the Hindi language film industry?Entertainment
It is the larva of a domesticated moth. First domesticated in China during the Han Dynasty because its cocoon is made of a useful material.Science
Which Greek island is historically associated with the sport of cricket?Geography

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