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Can you name the weapon or device by the description provided?

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Club-like bludgeoning weapon, usually with a heavy head. Used for pulverizing thick and strong armour.
Cousin to the previous weapon, it was traditionally a club with a short chain and a spiked ball on the end of the chain.
Consists of a handle and a head, this blunt weapon was capable of transmitting impact through the thickest helmets causing concussions.
A rectangular, usually wooden frame with a roller at one or both ends. As the handle was turned the rollers separated the limbs causing often crippling dislocation.
A device that crushed digits to a hard surface until a confession was given by the victim, even if said confession was untrue.
Consists of two forks set against each other that penetrated the flesh under the chin in one end and the upper chest in the other. Made speech and head movement very painful.
Used as public humilitation, this device consisted of two pieces of wood with holes for head, arms and sometimes legs. Often, crowds gathered to throw things at the victim.
Of Indian origin, this weapon, also known as war quoit, was used for throwing (like a Frisbee) or in melee combat (for slashing). Is usually a large, bladed metal disk.
Okinawan weapon made of two lengths of wood or metal joined by a short chain or rope. Used by holding one length and spinning the other very quickly.
Objects with sharp spikes designed to be dropped when being chased. They either force the pursuer to slow down by causing injury or lead the pursuer toward a trap.
A human-sized standing metal sarcophagus with a hinged door. It is lined with spikes.
The predecessor of the modern shotgun, it has a trumpet-shaped muzzle and is meant to be used to scatter shots at close-range. Almost anything could be used as ammunition.
Based on the chemical explosive nitroglycerin. Many Chinese immigrants died because of it while building the Transcontinental Railroad.
Traditionally used by the Samurai, it is a curved single-edged sword.
A siege engine that works by using the energy of a counterweight to fling projectiles at the enemy. Often, rotting flesh, stones and cows were items put in the weapon's sling.

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