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Can you name the French vocab words from Chapters 5-10?

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English WordFrench Word
a dish (to eat, not a serving dish)
some change
the bill
Are you feeling better?
to break down (in a car)
to cash a check
a postcard
the cashier
a car
a suitcase
a blanket
an oyster
a truck
to blink
the air conditioning
to withdraw
an orthopedic surgeon
to cross
a bed sheet
a vegetable
the back (of a bus)
an arrow
a credit card
to turn left
to go straight ahead
the rush hour
to press
a traffic ticket
a package
to run a red light
a window counter
a pillow
a tire
a machine
to reserve a room
a flat tire
a scale
to go up/to climb
to slip
the road
a trip (on a bus/subway)
to fall
a recipe
to cook (in general)
the middle
the speed limit
to count
to distribute the mail
to dry oneself
to set a bone
to have lots of money
a nurse
to be hurt (in a body part)
a potato
to fill the tank
English WordFrench Word
to break (a body part)
to get oneself wet
to wipe the windshield
a coin/a room/a play
to send/take (someone)
to lend
to send
a road map
with a bathroom
a road sign
a button
to wish
to be broke
to check the pressure
to accelerate
a lid
to take the pulse
to weigh
in cash
the food
to check the oil
to give stiches
a stamp
to drive
at the corner of
to give an injection
a clove of garlic
to add
a towel/a napkin/a briefcase
It's not serious
to lean against
to show
a bank
a driver
a driving lesson
a crutch
Don't worry
a traffic jam
a stay
to stop (oneself)
a booklet
a closet
to push
a spare tire
to give a bandage
to remember
the front (of a bus)
a piece
a subway station
a pan
a bill (money)/a ticket (for a play, airplane, train)
a driver's license
to hurt oneself
an EMT
a frying pan
a wound
English WordFrench Word
a stove
the city/town
to take the blood pressure
some soap
some meat
to peel
to cut oneself
a bed
to pass
a fish
a gas station
to unpack/to undo
to cook (something)
to owe/to have to
the connection (between trains)
to cut
a wheel chair
a station wagon
What happened to you?
a stretcher
the luggage
a mushroom
to turn right
a convertible
to borrow
to grate
a hanger
a break (of a bone)
to save money
to go down
the trunk
to give a X-ray
an oven
to slow down
to park
to brake
a gas station attendant
to take care of
a post office
to start a car
a French brand
an ATM machine
to stir
to spend
the tank
to give back
some gas
a toll
the kitchen
to forget
a red pepper
a key
a blinker/turn signal
a helmet

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