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hintFrench word
the ice
no trace of
to go badly
what's happening?
to fear for
all night
to ramble
to go well
avoir peur de
to simulate
to keep
to give the slip
une personne qui habite à côté d'une personne
to be proud of
to react
to try in vain
un marécage en Louisiane
to travel
une personne
to catch his eye
to advance towards
partir/reculer (antonym)
quand on ne peut pas entendre/écouter
se tuer/mettre fin à sa vie/à son jour
hintFrench word
I would like
to get out of the car
your trick doesn't work
un examen d'un corps pour déterminer la cause de la mort
to follow
to be struck by
the whole day
a marsh
un résident
quand on ne peut pas voir
to meet up with someone
to lie down
un endroit où les personnes vieilles habitent
the lower + noun
to be much worse
to penetrate a wall of silence
court (antonym)
all morning
all day
to kidnap
to watch
hintFrench word
to be tidy
plus tard (antonym)
to be dressed
s'élonger du but (antonym)
to wrap
to make much of
to be fifty
don't want to harm anyone
to make + adjective
to try to see clearly
to know someone
une personne qui voit
to move
a wallet
to set up a scenario
décrocher (antonym)
how stupid I am
a change
to be worried
avoir tort (antonym)
a puncture
attendu (antonym)
shake hands
quand on ne peut pas parler
hintFrench word
the body
a small boat
quand une personne peux parler deux langues
to be in a stupor/dumbfounded/dazed
the ignition
to be inert
to pick
une soupe de Provence avec des poissons
a fence
une personne de la Nouvelle-Écosse
on the ground
to start or pull out a vehicle
to play the silent game
to force one's way through
to be persuaded
TV serial/series
to be impatient
un descendant des Acadiens qui habite en Louisiane
to be disturbed
to taste
to turn around
to recognize
hintFrench word
according to me
at the edge of
se relever (antonym)
devant (antonym)
to reassure
to escape
to scare someone
the fishing rod
to splash in the water
to cure/take care of
a bed-spread
to soil/make dirty
prêter (antonym)
to jump
to disappear
a disease
to manage
to be dangerous
a path
avoir des problèmes à + infinitif
a suit
espérer (antonym)
not to get worked up
hintFrench word
être ravi
gentil (antonym)
un espoir (antonym)
se montrer (antonym)
be the key to the mystery
to complain
to welcome
the river bank
to poison
thats the reason why
un mélange de deux langues
a tracksuit
to reach someone
to take someone
the marsh
the poison
to digest
to appear/seem/look like
to be murdered

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