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QUIZ: Can you name the Pretty Little Liars A-Z?

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Forced Order
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The girl who is supposedly dead
The poem Ezra writes
Hanna's boyfriend (Throughout the seasons)
Alison's surname
The liar who is a great swimmer
Surname of Emily
Luca's surname
Hefty ___
Actor who played Ezra
The blind girl
The person who hired Emily to work at the Brew
The police officer who liked Alison
Emily's first girlfriend, killed in Season 2
Maya's killer and fake cousin
Game ___, Charles (A Reveal)
Name of Spencer's dad
What did Melissa and Wilden dress up as on the Halloween train?
Town the girls live in
The smart liar
Pastor that Hanna's mom is engaged to
The school Cece tried to help Spencer get into
Name of Spencer's mom
The person Melissa is engaged to in the first episode
Miss me _ 100
Bethany's surname (Girl in Ali's grave)
The person Aria's mom was engaged to

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