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Can you name the capital cities given, once the letters they share with their country are omitted?

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Name With Letters OmittedCapital
yh, Su b
pe, wn
Bko, li
City, _
sm, Eite
Pis, Fnce
lmbd, Pktn
Teh, I
tockholm, weden
Kmpl, Ugnd
Whgon, Ue e of mer
s, _
Por i, nuu
rsss, gim
n Je, Ct Ric
St g, c Republc
h, nte r Emrtes
Cnbe, ustli
jmba, ndi
ni, Cs
hgb, urkmenin
ll, Eso
mopan, iz
l Vell, _
ud, go
Yv, mi
w, u ulm
Anaa, Tuey
Name With Letters OmittedCapital
Buos s, gt
imp, Ban
n, E
s, z
Bli, Gmay
ccr, Ghn
_, a
Hr, Slm slds
eoretow, uyaa
Brt, ok
Rykjvk, clnd
sncion, Prgy
ew elh, a
amy, gr
ub, rea
M, icr
Bihe, yrgyztan
mm, Nhln
irut, Lanon
pt, zbiqe
Vs, thaa
okcho, Mrii
, divs
Ve, M
onge, Maa
re, n Lu

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