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Can you name the bands with one-word names, given three of their albums?

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Toys in the Attic, Permanent Vacation, Get a Grip
(self-titled), One Eighty, Road Island
Holiday, Hearts, Silent Letter
Fistful of Metal, Persistence of Time, Sound of White Noise
Alpha, Astra, Aqua
(self-titled), Out of Exile, Revelations
No Dice, Straight Up, Airwaves
Parallel Lines, Autoamerican, Pollinator
Parklife, Think Tank, The Magic Whip
Don't Look Back, Third Stage, Walk On
On the Waters, Manna, Guitar Man
Time Bomb, 15, Confessions
Sixteen Stone, Razorblade Suitcase, The Science of Things
Fashion Nugget, Prolonging the Magic, Comfort Eagle
Mirage, The Snow Goose, Breathless
Lucy, Happy Pills, Into the Sun
(self-titled), II, III
Night Songs, Long Cold Winter, Heartbreak Station
Parachutes, X&Y, Viva la Vida
Disraeli Gears, Wheels of Fire, Goodbye
My Own Prison, Human Clay, Weathered
Adrenaline, Around the Fur, White Pony
Holy Diver, Lock Up the Wolves, Killing the Dragon
Believe, Ten Thousand Fists, Indestructible
Breaking the Chains, Tooth and Nail, Beast from the East
Desperado, Hotel California, The Long Run
Wings of Tomorrow, The Final Countdown, Out of This World
Fallen, The Open Door, (self-titled)
World of Noise, Sparkle and Fade, Slow Motion Daydream
Bonded by Blood, Pleasures of the Flesh, Force of Habit
Rock and Roll, Energized, Fool for the City
4, Agent Provocateur, Inside Information
Tons of Sobs, Fire and Water, Highway
(self-titled), Version 2.0, Strange Little Birds
Trespass, Foxtrot, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Awake, Faceless, The Oracle
Dreamboat Annie, Little Queen, Brigade
Walls of Jericho, Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt. 1, Chameleon
Strap It On, Meantime, Betty
The Reason, For(N)ever, Fight of Flight
S.C.I.E.N.C.E., Morning View, Light Grenades
Turn on the Bright Lights, Antics, El Pintor
Shabooh Shoobah, The Swing, Kick
(self-titled), Push Comes to Shove, Cut the Crap
Infinity, Escape, Raised on Radio
Leftoverture, Audio-Visions, Vinyl Confessions
Destroyer, Love Gun, Dynasty
Follow the Leader, Life is Peachy, Issues
Tripping the Light Fantastic, A Place in the Sun, Atomic
Mental Jewelry, Throwing Copper, Secret Samadhi
Get Lucky, Keep It Up, Wildside
Peace Sells, Countdown to Extinction, Youthanasia
Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets
Twitch, Psalm 69, Dark Side of the Spoon
Walk Among Us, American Psycho, Static Age
Overkill, Ace of Spades, Orgasmatron
Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, Piece of Cake, My Brother the Cow
Absolution, The Resistance, The 2nd Law
Exercises, Razamanaz, Hair of the Dog
Curb, Silver Side Up, The Long Road
Bleach, Nevermind, In Utero
Definitely Maybe, (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, Be Here Now
Orchid, Still Life, Watershed
Cowboys from Hell, Far Beyond Driven, The Great Southern Trendkill
Surfer Rosa, Doolittle, Bossanova
Look What the Cat Dragged In, Flesh & Blood, Native Tongue
Frizzle Fry, Sailing the Seas of Cheese, Pork Soda
Sheer Heart Attack, A Night at the Opera, Hot Space
Operation: Mindcrime, Empire, Promised Land
Pablo Honey, OK Computer, Kid A
Rising, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll, Down to Earth
Herzeleid, Mutter, Rosenrot
(self-titled), Let's Go, Life Won't Wait
Out of the Cellar, Invasion of Your Privacy, Detonator
Fly by Night, 2112, Moving Pictures
Abraxas, Welcome, Moonflower
Blackout, Love at First Sting, Savage Amusement
Stick It to Ya, The Wild Life, Fear No Evil
Show No Mercy, Reign in Blood, South of Heaven
Badmotorfinger, Superunknown, King Animal
Gimme Fiction, Transference, Hot Thoughts
Tormented, Break the Cycle, The Illusion of Progress
The Grand Illusion, Pieces of Eight, Cornerstone
40 Oz. to Freedom, Robbin' the Hood, (self-titled)
Crime of the Century, Breakfast in America, Famous Last Words
Premonition, Eye of the Tiger, Caught in the Game
Mechanical Resonance, Psychotic Supper, Bust a Nut
The Legacy, Practice What You Preach, Low
Rubberneck, Hell Below/Stars Above, Feeler
Undertow, ├ćnima, Lateralus
Hydra, Turn Back, Isolation
Mr. Fantasy, (self-titled), Last Exit
Rock & Roll Machine, Just a Game, Never Surrender
The Last Command, Kill **** Die, Helldorado
All Day Music, Deliver the Word, Why Can't We Be Friends?
Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, Cherry Pie, Dog Eat Dog
(self-titled), Pinkerton, Raditude
Trouble, Slide It In, Slip of the Tongue
Wild Life, Red Rose Speedway, Band on the Run
Fragile, Close to the Edge, Union

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