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Can you name a few more 1980s horror movies?

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1980Ken Russell; William Hurt
1980Ulli Lommel; Suzanna Love
1980Brian De Palma; Michael Caine
1980William Lustig; Joe Spinell
1980Roger Spottiswoode; Jamie Lee Curtis
1981Tobe Hooper; Elizabeth Berridge
1981Rick Rosenthal; Donald Pleasence
1981J. Lee Thompson; Melissa Sue Anderson
1981Andrzej Żuławski; Isabelle Adjani
1981Michael Wadleigh; Albert Finney
1982Sidney Lumet; Michael Caine
1982Paul Lynch; Janet Julian
1982Lucio Fulci; Jack Hedley
1982Juan Piquer Simón; Christopher George
1982Larry Cohen; Michael Moriarty
1983Norman Thaddeus Vane; Ferdy Mayne
1983Mark Rosman; Katherine McNeil
1983Joe Alves; Dennis Quaid
1983Michael Mann; Scott Glenn
1983Wayne Berwick; Jackie Vernon
1984Joseph Zito; Corey Feldman
1984Luca Bercovici; Lisa Pelikan
1984Claudio Fragasso; Alice Cooper
1984Richard W. Haines; Forbes Riley
1984James Cameron; Linda Hamilton
1985Wes Craven; Paul Sorvino
1985William Malone; Stan Ivar
1985Tobe Hooper; Steve Railsback
1985Buddy Cooper and John S. Douglass; Matt Mitler
1985Jack Sholder; Robert Englund
1986Fred Walton; Deborah Foreman
1986Wes Craven; Matthew Laborteaux
1986Stephen King; Emilio Estevez
1986George Dugdale, Mark Ezra and Peter Litten; Caroline Munro
1986Kevin Tenney; Todd Allen
1987Ching Siu-Tung; Leslie Cheung
1987Stuart Gordon; Stephen Lee
1987Jörg Buttgereit; Daktari Lorenz
1987John Carpenter; Donald Pleasence
1987Gary Cohen; Gary Schwartz
1988Chuck Russell; Kevin Dillon
1988James Signorelli; Elvira
1988Ken Russell; Amanda Donohoe
1988George A. Romero; Jason Beghe
1988Anthony Hickox; Zach Galligan
1989Sean S. Cunningham; Taurean Blacque
1989Scott Spiegel; Dan Hicks
1989David Schmoeller; Paul Le Mat
1989Robert Bierman; Nicolas Cage
1989Steve Miner; Julian Sands

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