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1990Robert Zemeckis; Christopher Lloyd
1990Sam Raimi; Liam Neeson
1990Irvin Kershner; Peter Weller
1990Patrick Read Johnson; Douglas Barr
1990Paul Verhoeven; Arnold Schwarzenegger
1991David Cronenberg; Peter Weller
1991Joe Johnston; Bill Campbell
1991Nicholas Meyer; Leonard Nimoy
1991Burt Kennedy; Hulk Hogan
1991James Cameron; Arnold Schwarzenegger
1992David Fincher; Sigourney Weaver
1992Geoff Murphy; Emilio Estevez
1992Randal Kleiser; Rick Moranis
1992Brett Leonard; Jeff Fahey
1992Roland Emmerich; Jean-Claude Van Damme
1993Abel Ferrara; Gabrielle Anwar
1993Steve Barron; Dan Aykroyd
1993Marco Brambilla; Sylvester Stallone
1993Robert Lieberman; D.B. Sweeney
1993Steven Spielberg; Sam Neill
1994Kenneth Branagh; Robert DeNiro
1994Martin Campbell; Ray Liotta
1994David Carson; Patrick Stewart
1994Roland Emmerich; Kurt Russell
1994Peter Hyams; Jean-Claude Van Damme
1995Terry Gilliam; Bruce Willis
1995Mamoru Oshii; Mimi Woods (voice)
1995Danny Cannon; Sylvester Stallone
1995Roger Donaldson; Natasha Henstridge
1995Kevin Reynolds; Kevin Costner
1996John Carpenter; Kurt Russell
1996Roland Emmerich; Will Smith
1996Tim Burton; Jack Nicholson
1996Harold Ramis; Michael Keaton
1996Jonathan Frakes; Patrick Stewart
1997Robert Zemeckis; Jodie Foster
1997Luc Besson; Bruce Willis
1997Andrew Niccol; Uma Thurman
1997Barry Sonnenfeld; Tommy Lee Jones
1997Paul Verhoeven; Casper Van Dien
1998Michael Bay; Bruce Willis
1998Alex Proyas; Jennifer Connelly
1998Robert Rodriguez; Josh Hartnett
1998Darren Aronofsky; Sean Gullette
1998Rob Bowman; David Duchovny
1999Renny Harlin; LL Cool J
1999Dean Parisot; Tim Allen
1999Brad Bird; Jennifer Aniston (voice)
1999Larry and Andy Wachowski; Keanu Reeves
1999George Lucas; Ewan McGregor

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