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Can you name the 1990s movies that received R ratings from the MPAA?

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1990Sam Raimi; Liam Neeson
1990Renny Harlin; Bruce Willis
1990Francis Ford Coppola; Al Pacino
1990Martin Scorsese; Ray Liotta
1990Adrian Lyne; Tim Robbins
1990Joel and Ethan Coen; Gabriel Byrne
1990Rob Reiner; Kathy Bates
1990Stephen Hopkins; Danny Glover
1990Garry Marshall; Julia Roberts
1990Paul Verhoeven; Arnold Schwarzenegger
1991Ron Howard; Kurt Russell
1991John Singleton; Cuba Gooding, Jr.
1991Martin Scorsese; Robert DeNiro
1991Oliver Stone; Val Kilmer
1991Lawrence Kasdan; Kevin Kline
1991Oliver Stone; Kevin Costner
1991Kathryn Bigelow; Keanu Reeves
1991Jonathan Demme; Anthony Hopkins
1991James Cameron; Arnold Schwarzenegger
1991Ridley Scott; Geena Davis
1992Paul Verhoeven; Sharon Stone
1992Mick Jackson; Whitney Houston
1992Neil Jordan; Forest Whitaker
1992Peter Jackson; Timothy Balme
1992Rob Reiner; Tom Cruise
1992James Foley; Jack Lemmon
1992Jonathan Lynn; Marisa Tomei
1992Robert Altman; Tim Robbins
1992Quentin Tarantino; Harvey Keitel
1992Clint Eastwood; Gene Hackman
1993Brian De Palma; Al Pacino
1993Richard Linklater; Jason London
1993Marco Brambilla; Sylvester Stallone
1993Sydney Pollack; Tom Cruise
1993Wolfgang Petersen; Clint Eastwood
1993Allen and Albert Hughes; Tyrin Turner
1993Jane Campion; Holly Hunter
1993Liam Neeson; Steven Spielberg
1993George P. Cosmatos; Kurt Russell
1993Tony Scott; Patricia Arquette
1994Kevin Smith; Brian O'Halloran
1994Alex Proyas; Brandon Lee
1994Tim Burton; Johnny Depp
1994Neil Jordan; Tom Cruise
1994Oliver Stone; Woody Harrelson
1994Quentin Tarantino; John Travolta
1994Frank Darabont; Morgan Freeman
1994Jan De Bont; Keanu Reeves
1994Peter Hyams; Jean-Claude Van Damme
1994James Cameron; Arnold Schwarzenegger
1995Terry Gilliam; Bruce Willis
1995Richard Linklater; Ethan Hawke
1995Mel Gibson; Patrick McGoohan
1995Martin Scorsese; Joe Pesci
1995F. Gary Gray; Ice Cube
1995Barry Sonnenfeld; John Travolta
1995Mike Figgis; Nicolas Cage
1995David Fincher; Brad Pitt
1995Roger Donaldson; Natasha Henstridge
1995Bryan Singer; Kevin Spacey
1996Mike Nichols; Nathan Lane
1996Anthony Minghella; Ralph Fiennes
1996Joel and Ethan Coen; William H. Macy
1996Robert Rodriguez; George Clooney
1996Cameron Crowe; Tom Cruise
1996John Sayles; Chris Cooper
1996MiloŇ° Forman; Woody Harrelson
1996Gregory Hoblit; Richard Gere
1996Wes Craven; Neve Campbell
1996Danny Boyle; Ewan McGregor
1997Wolfgang Petersen; Harrison Ford
1997Paul Thomas Anderson; Mark Wahlberg
1997Kevin Smith; Ben Affleck
1997Mike Newell; Johnny Depp
1997John Woo; John Travolta
1997Peter Cattaneo; Robert Carlyle
1997Gus Van Sant; Matt Damon
1997Quentin Tarantino; Pam Grier
1997Curtis Hanson; Guy Pearce
1997Satoshi Kon; Ruby Marlowe (voice)
1998Tony Kaye; Edward Norton
1998Joel and Ethan Coen; Jeff Bridges
1998Stephen Norrington; Wesley Snipes
1998Alex Proyas; Kiefer Sutherland
1998Bill Condon; Ian McKellen
1998Darren Aronofsky; Sean Gullette
1998Wes Anderson; Jason Schwartzman
1998Steven Spielberg; Tom Hanks
1998Peter and Bobby Farrelly; Cameron Diaz
1998Terrence Malick; Sean Penn
1999Sam Mendes; Kevin Spacey
1999Spike Jonze; John Cusack
1999Kimberly Peirce; Hilary Swank
1999Alexander Payne; Reese Witherspoon
1999Stanley Kubrick; Tom Cruise
1999David Fincher; Edward Norton
1999Frank Darabont; Michael Clarke Duncan
1999Larry and Andy Wachowski; Laurence Fishburne
1999Mike Judge; Ron Livingston
1999Tim Burton; Christina Ricci

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