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Can you name the 1990s movies that received G ratings?

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1990Bob Hathcock; Alan Young (voice)
1990John Howley; Irene Cara (voice)
1990William Hanna and Joseph Barbera; George O'Hanlon (voice)
1990Hendel Butoy and Mike Gabriel; Bob Newhart (voice)
1991Robert Lieberman; Ethan Randall
1991Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise; Paige O'Hara (voice)
1991Errol Morris; Stephen Hawking
1991Steve Miner; Gabrielle Anwar
1992Ron Clements and John Musker; Scott Weinger (voice)
1992Bill Kroyer; Robin Williams (voice)
1992Brian Henson; Michael Caine
1992Phil Roman; Dana Hill (voice)
1993Duwayne Dunham; Michael J. Fox (voice)
1993Charles Grosvenor; Michael Crawford (voice)
1993Agnieszka Holland; Kate Maberly
1993Dick Zondag, Ralph Zondag, Phil Nibbelink, and Simon Wells; John Goodman (voice)
1994Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff; Matthew Broderick (voice)
1994Joe Johnston and Maurice Hunt; Macaulay Culkin
1994Richard Rich; Jack Palance (voice)
1994Don Bluth and Gary Goldman; Jodi Benson (voice)
1995Chris Noonan; Christine Cavanaugh (voice)
1995Alfonso Cuarón; Liesel Matthews
1995Mike Gabriel and Eric Goldberg; Irene Bedard (voice)
1995John Lasseter; Tom Hanks (voice)
1996Stephen Herek; Glenn Close
1996Paul Sabella and Larry Leker; Charlie Sheen (voice)
1996Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise; Tom Hulce (voice)
1996Brian Henson; Tim Curry
1997Don Bluth and Gary Goldman; Meg Ryan (voice)
1997Mark Dindal; Scott Bakula
1997John Musker and Ron Clements; Tate Donovan (voice)
1997Michael Schaack and Clive A. Smith; Melissa Altro (voice)
1998George Miller; Elizabeth Daily (voice)
1998John Lasseter; Dave Foley (voice)
1998Barry Cook and Tony Bancroft; Ming-Na Wen (voice)
1998Igor Kovalyov and Norton Virgien; Elizabeth Daily (voice)
1999Don Hahn, Pixote Hunt, Hendel Butoy, Eric Goldberg, James Algar, Francis Glebas, Paul Brizzi, and Gaëtan Brizzi; celebrity cameos include Angela Lansbury
1999David Lynch; Richard Farnsworth
1999Kevin Lima and Chris Buck; Tony Goldwyn (voice)
1999John Lasseter; Tom Hanks (voice)

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