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1980Ken Russell; William Hurt
1980Jimmy T. Murakami; George Peppard
1980Irvin Kershner; Mark Hamill
1980Mike Hodges; Sam Jones
1980Stanley Donen; Farrah Fawcett
1981John Carpenter; Kurt Russell
1981Gerald Potterton; John Candy (voice)
1981George Miller; Mel Gibson
1981Peter Hyams; Sean Connery
1981David Cronenberg; Michael Ironside
1982Ridley Scott; Harrison Ford
1982Steven Spielberg; Henry Thomas
1982Nicholas Meyer; Leonard Nimoy
1982John Carpenter; Kurt Russell
1982Steven Lisberger; Jeff Bridges
1983Carl Reiner; Steve Martin
1983Richard Marquand; Mark Hamill
1983Michael Laughlin; Diana Scarwid
1983David Cronenberg; James Woods
1983John Badham; Matthew Broderick
1984Nick Castle; Lance Guest
1984Thom Eberhardt; Catherine Mary Stewart
1984Michael Radford; John Hurt
1984John Carpenter; Jeff Bridges
1984James Cameron; Arnold Schwarzenegger
1985Robert Zemeckis; Michael J. Fox
1985Ron Howard; Don Ameche
1985Joe Dante; River Phoenix
1985George Miller; Mel Gibson
1985John Hughes; Anthony Michael Hall
1986James Cameron; Sigourney Weaver
1986Randal Kleiser; Joey Cramer
1986David Cronenberg; Jeff Goldblum
1986Tobe Hooper; Hunter Carson
1986John Badham; Ally Sheedy
1987Joe Dante; Dennis Quaid
1987John McTiernan; Arnold Schwarzenegger
1987Paul Verhoeven; Peter Weller
1987Paul Michael Glaser; Arnold Schwarzenegger
1987Mel Brooks; Bill Pullman
1988Graham Baker; James Caan
1988Julien Temple; Geena Davis
1988Stephen Chiodo; Grant Cramer
1988John Carpenter; Roddy Piper
1988Jon Hess; Corey Haim
1989James Cameron; Ed Harris
1989Robert Zemeckis; Michael J. Fox
1989Joe Johnston; Rick Moranis
1989George P. Cosmatos; Meg Foster
1989Shinya Tsukamoto; Shin'ya Tsukamoto

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