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1980Terry Marcel; John Terry
1980Vincent McEveety; Cloris Leachman
1980Jeannot Szwarc; Christopher Reeve
1980Richard Donner (uncredited) and Richard Lester; Christopher Reeve
1980Robert Greenwald; Olivia Newton-John
1981Desmond Davis; Harry Hamlin
1981Steven Hilliard Stern; Bill Cosby
1981Matthew Robbins; Peter MacNicol
1981John Boorman; Nigel Terry
1981Terry Gilliam; Craig Warnock
1982Don Coscarelli; Marc Singer
1982John Milius; Arnold Schwarzenegger
1982Jim Henson and Frank Oz; Stephen Garlick (voice)
1982Arthur Rankin, Jr., and Jules Bass; Mia Farrow (voice)
1982Don Bluth; Elizabeth Hartman (voice)
1983John Watson; Rick Hill
1983Ralph Bakshi; Susan Tyrrell (voice)
1983Peter Yates; Ken Marshall
1983Jack Clayton; Jonathan Pryce
1983Richard Lester; Christopher Reeve
1984Carl Reiner; Steve Martin
1984Ivan Reitman; Bill Murray
1984Hayao Miyazaki; Alison Lohman (voice)
1984Wolfgang Petersen; Barret Oliver
1984Ron Howard; Daryl Hannah
1985Ted Berman and Richard Rich; Grant Bardsley (voice)
1985Richard Donner; Michelle Pfeiffer
1985Ridley Scott; Tom Cruise
1985Woody Allen; Mia Farrow
1985Walter Murch; Fairuza Balk
1986John Carpenter; Kurt Russell
1986Russell Mulcahy; Christopher Lambert
1986Jim Henson; Jennifer Connelly
1986Frank Oz; Rick Moranis
1986Francis Ford Coppola; Kathleen Turner
1987Jerry Rees; Deanna Oliver (voice)
1987William Dear; John Lithgow
1987Rob Reiner; Cary Elwes
1987Wim Wenders; Bruno Ganz
1987George Miller; Cher
1988Terry Gilliam; John Neville
1988Tim Burton; Michael Keaton
1988Penny Marshall; Tom Hanks
1988Robert Zemeckis; Bob Hoskins
1988Ron Howard; Warwick Davis
1989Don Bluth; Burt Reynolds (voice)
1989Tim Burton; Michael Keaton
1989Stephen Herek; Keanu Reeves
1989Phil Alden Robinson; Kevin Costner
1989John Musker and Ron Clements; Jodi Benson (voice)

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