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1970Ted Post; Kim Hunter
1970Joseph Sargent; Eric Braeden
1970David Cronenberg; Ronald Mlodzik
1970Roger Corman; Robert Corff
1970Gordon Hessler; Vincent Price
1971Robert Wise; Arthur Hill
1971Stanley Kubrick; Malcolm McDowell
1971Don Taylor; Roddy McDowall
1971Boris Sagal; Charlton Heston
1971George Lucas; Robert Duvall
1972J. Lee Thompson; Roddy McDowall
1972Douglas Trumbull; Bruce Dern
1972George Roy Hill; Michael Sacks
1972Andrei Tarkovsky; Donatas Banionis
1972Lee Frost; Ray Milland
1973Mike Nichols; George C. Scott
1973René Laloux; Jean Valmont (voice)
1973Woody Allen; Diane Keaton
1973Richard Fleischer; Charlton Heston
1973Michael Crichton; Yul Brynner
1974John Carpenter; Dan O'Bannon
1974Michael Benveniste and Howard Ziehm; Jason Williams
1974Robert Stevenson; Donald Sinden
1974Mike Hodges; George Segal
1974John Boorman; Sean Connery
1975L.Q. Jones; Don Johnson
1975Paul Bartel; David Carradine
1975John Hough; Eddie Albert
1975Norman Jewison; James Caan
1975Bryan Forbes; Katharine Ross
1976Ralph Nelson; Rock Hudson
1976Richard T. Heffron; Peter Fonda
1976Larry Cohen; Tony Lo Bianco
1976Michael Anderson; Michael York
1976Nicolas Roeg; David Bowie
1977Steven Spielberg; Richard Dreyfuss
1977Donald Cammell; Julie Christie
1977Bert I. Gordon; Joan Collins
1977Don Taylor; Burt Lancaster
1977George Lucas; Mark Hamill
1978Franklin J. Schaffner; Laurence Olivier
1978Norman Tokar; Ronnie Schell
1978Philip Kaufman; Donald Sutherland
1978Michael Rae; Kim Milford
1978John Hough; Kim Richards
1979Ridley Scott; Sigourney Weaver
1979Gary Nelson; Maximilian Schell
1979Andrei Tarkovsky; Alexander Kaidanovsky
1979Robert Wise; Leonard Nimoy
1979Nicholas Meyer; Malcolm McDowell

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