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Can you name the 1970s movies that received an R rating from the MPAA?

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1970Hal Ashby; Bud Cort
1970Mike Nichols; Alan Arkin
1970Bob Rafelson; Jack Nicholson
1970Robert Altman; Donald Sutherland
1970Elliot Silverstein; Richard Harris
1971Stanley Kubrick; Malcolm McDowell
1971Don Siegel; Clint Eastwood
1971William Friedkin; Gene Hackman
1971Gordon Parks; Richard Roundtree
1971Sam Peckinpah; Dustin Hoffman
1972John Boorman; Burt Reynolds
1972Woody Allen; Gene Wilder
1972Francis Ford Coppola; Al Pacino
1972Sidney J. Furie; Diana Ross
1972Gordon Parks, Jr.; Ron O'Neal
1973Nicolas Roeg; Donald Sutherland
1973Robert Clouse; Bruce Lee
1973William Friedkin; Max von Sydow
1973Alejandro Jodorowsky; Zamira Saunders
1973Sidney Lumet; Al Pacino
1974Mel Brooks; Cleavon Little
1974Roman Polanski; Jack Nicholson
1974Jack Hill; Pam Grier
1974Francis Ford Coppola; Al Pacino
1974Tobe Hooper; Marilyn Burns
1975Sidney Lumet; John Cazale
1975Robert Altman; Ned Beatty
1975Milos Forman; Jack Nicholson
1975Jim Sharman; Tim Curry
1975Sydney Pollack; Robert Redford
1976Brian De Palma; Sissy Spacek
1976John Schlesinger; Dustin Hoffman
1976Sidney Lumet; Faye Dunaway
1976Richard Donner; Gregory Peck
1976Martin Scorsese; Robert De Niro
1977Wes Craven; Michael Berryman
1977John Landis; George Lazenby
1977John Badham; John Travolta
1977Michael Winner; Cristina Raines
1977Dario Argento; Jessica Harper
1978Michael Cimino; Christopher Walken
1978John Carpenter; Jamie Lee Curtis
1978John Landis; John Belushi
1978Joe Dante; Kevin McCarthy
1978Lou Adler; Tommy Chong
1979Ridley Scott; Sigourney Weaver
1979Francis Ford Coppola; Martin Sheen
1979John Badham; Frank Langella
1979Carl Reiner; Steve Martin
1979Woody Allen; Diane Keaton

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