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QUIZ: Can you name the 1970s movies that received G ratings from the MPAA?

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1970George Seaton and Henry Hathaway; George Kennedy
1970Wolfgang Reitherman; Eva Gabor (voice)
1970Chuck Jones, Abe Levitow, and Dave Monahan; Butch Patrick
1970Ronald Neame; Albert Finney
1970Richard Fleischer, Kinji Fukasaku, and Toshio Masuda; Martin Balsam
1971Robert Wise; Arthur Hill
1971Robert Stevenson; Angela Lansbury
1971Don Taylor; Roddy McDowall
1971Norman Jewison; Chaim Topol
1971Mel Stuart; Gene Wilder
1972Charles B. Pierce; Willie E. Smith
1972Bernard McEveety; Johnny Whitaker
1972Douglas Trumbull; Bruce Dern
1972Bill Melendez; Chad Webber (voice)
1972Peter Bogdanovich; Barbra Streisand
1973Charles A. Nichols and Iwao Takamoto; Debbie Reynolds (voice)
1973Gordon Hessler; John Phillip Law
1973Norman Jewison; Ted Neeley
1973Wolfgang Reitherman; Brian Bedford (voice)
1973Don Taylor; Johnny Whitaker
1974Joe Camp; Higgins
1974Robert Stevenson; Helen Hayes
1974J. Lee Thompson; Jeff East
1974Stanley Donen; Steven Warner
1974Norman Tokar; Stewart Petersen
1975Stewart Raffill; Robert F. Logan
1975Norman Tokar; Don Knotts
1975John Hough; Kim Richards
1975Blake Edwards; Peter Sellers
1975Vincent McEveety; Kurt Russell
1976Alan Parker; Scott Baio
1976Charles Jarrott; Alastair Sim
1976Gary Nelson; Jodie Foster
1976Norman Tokar; Darren McGavin
1976Peyo; Georges Atlas (voice)
1977Wolfgang Reitherman and John Lounsbery; Sterling Holloway (voice)
1977Don Chaffey; Helen Reddy
1977Richard Williams; Didi Conn (voice)
1977Wolfgang Reitherman, John Lounsbery, and Art Stevens; Bob Newhart (voice)
1977Sam Wanamaker; Patrick Wayne
1978Norman Tokar; Ken Berry
1978Bryan Forbes; Tatum O'Neal
1978Don Chaffey; James Stewart
1978John Hough; Kim Richards
1978Sidney Lumet; Diana Ross
1979Carroll Ballard; Kelly Reno
1979Chuck Jones and Phil Monroe; Mel Blanc (voice)
1979James Frawley; Jim Henson
1979Robert Wise; Leonard Nimoy
1979Russ Mayberry; Dennis Dugan

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