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1970Robert Altman; Bud Cort
1970Arthur Allan Seidelman; Arnold Schwarzenegger
1970Chuck Jones, Abe Levitow, and Dave Monahan; Butch Patrick (voice)
1970Ronald Neame; Albert Finney
1970Val Guest; Victoria Vetri
1971Robert Stevenson; Angela Lansbury
1971Pier Paolo Pasolini; Franco Citti
1971Vincent McEveety; Dean Jones
1971Reginald Mills; Birmingham Royal Ballet
1971Mel Stuart; Gene Wilder
1972William Sterling; Fiona Fullerton
1972Lionel Jeffries; Laurence Naismith
1972Luis Buñuel; Fernando Rey
1972Hal Sutherland; Liza Minnelli (voice)
1972Arthur Hiller; Peter O'Toole
1973Vincent McEveety; Fred MacMurray
1973Charles A. Nichols and Iwao Takamoto; Debbie Reynolds (voice)
1973Joseph McGrath; Jim Dale
1973Gordon Hessler; John Phillip Law
1973Alejandro Jodorowsky; Horacio Salinas
1974Pier Paolo Pasolini; Franco Merli
1974Jacques Rivette; Juliet Berto
1974Kevin Connor; Doug McClure
1974Stanley Donen; Steven Warner
1974Brian De Palma; Paul Williams
1975Louis Malle; Cathryn Harrison
1975Michael Anderson; Ron Ely
1975Ingmar Bergman; Josef Köstlinger
1975Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones; Graham Chapman
1975Ken Russell; Roger Daltrey
1976Bruno Bozzetto; Maurizio Micheli
1976Kevin Connor; Peter Cushing
1976Gary Nelson; Jodie Foster
1976John Guillermin; Jessica Lange
1976Vincente Minnelli; Ingrid Bergman
1977John Lounsbery and Wolfgang Reitherman; Sterling Holloway (voice)
1977Carl Reiner; George Burns
1977Don Chaffey; Helen Reddy
1977Sam Wanamaker; Patrick Wayne
1977Ralph Bakshi; Bob Holt (voice)
1978Warren Beatty and Buck Henry; Julie Christie
1978Ralph Bakshi; John Hurt (voice)
1978Richard Donner; Christopher Reeve
1978Lionel Jeffries; James Mason (voice)
1978Sidney Lumet; Diana Ross
1979Kevin Connor; Christopher Lee
1979Hayao Miyazaki; Yasuo Yamada (voice)
1979Gilbert Moses; Julius Erving
1979James Frawley; Jim Henson (voice)
1979Takeo Nakamura; Michele Lee (narrator)

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