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Can you name the 1970s crime movies?

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1970Roger Corman; Shelley Winters
1970Jean-Pierre Melville; Alain Delon
1970Terence Young; Charles Bronson
1970Leonard Kastle; Shirley Stoler
1970Peter Hall; Ursula Andress
1971Stanley Kubrick; Malcolm McDowell
1971Don Siegel; Clint Eastwood
1971William Friedkin; Gene Hackman
1971Mike Hodges; Michael Caine
1971Gordon Parks; Richard Roundtree
1972Martin Scorsese; Barbara Hershey
1972Alfred Hitchcock; Jon Finch
1972Sam Peckinpah; Steve McQueen
1972Francis Ford Coppola; Marlon Brando
1972Gordon Parks, Jr.; Ron O'Neal
1973Terrence Malick; Sissy Spacek
1973John Milius; Warren Oates
1973Robert Altman; Elliott Gould
1973Martin Scorsese; Harvey Keitel
1973Sidney Lumet; Al Pacino
1974Roman Polanski; Jack Nicholson
1974Michael Winner; Charles Bronson
1974Jack Hill; Pam Grier
1974Francis Ford Coppola; Al Pacino
1974Michael Cimino; Jeff Bridges
1975Norman Tokar; Don Knotts
1975Ralph Bakshi; Barry White (voice)
1975Sidney Lumet; John Cazale
1975Arthur Penn; Gene Hackman
1975Sydney Pollack; Robert Redford
1976John Carpenter; Austin Stoker
1976Alan Parker; Scott Baio
1976Alfred Hitchcock; Karen Black
1976John Cassavetes; Ben Gazzara
1976Martin Scorsese; Robert DeNiro
1977Wim Wenders; Dennis Hopper
1977Don Hulette; Chuck Norris
1977Clint Eastwood; Sondra Locke
1977John Flynn; William Devane
1977Hal Needham; Burt Reynolds
1978Paul Schrader; Richard Pryor
1978Robert Moore; Peter Falk
1978Walter Hill; Ryan O'Neal
1978Alan Parker; Brad Davis
1978Ulu Grosbard; Dustin Hoffman
1979Norman Jewison; Al Pacino
1979Don Siegel; Clint Eastwood
1979Michael Crichton; Sean Connery
1979Harold Becker; John Savage
1979Walter Hill; Michael Beck

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