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1960Mario Bava; Barbara Steele
1960Georges Franju; Pierre Brasseur
1960Michael Powell; Carl Boehm
1960Alfred Hitchcock; Janet Leigh
1960Wolf Rilla; George Sanders
1961Terence Fisher; Clifford Evans
1961William Castle; Jean Arless
1961Jack Clayton; Deborah Kerr
1961Roger Corman; Vincent Price
1961Poul Bang; Carl Ottosen
1962J. Lee Thompson; Robert Mitchum
1962Herk Harvey; Candace Hilligoss
1962Steve Sekely; Howard Keel
1962Roger Corman; Peter Lorre
1962Robert Aldrich; Bette Davis
1963Alfred Hitchcock; Tippi Hedren
1963Mario Bava; Boris Karloff
1963Herschell Gordon Lewis; William Kerwin
1963Robert Wise; Julie Harris
1963Roger Corman; Boris Karloff
1964Mario Bava; Cameron Mitchell
1964Walter Grauman; Olivia de Havilland
1964Ubaldo Ragona and Sidney Salkow; Vincent Price
1964Roger Corman; Vincent Price
1964Kaneto Shindo; Nobuko Otowa
1965Herschell Gordon Lewis; Gordon Oas-Heim
1965Daniel Haller; Boris Karloff
1965Masaki Kobayashi; Rentaro Mikuni
1965Mario Bava; Barry Sullivan
1965Roman Polanski; Catherine Deneuve
1966Jack Hill and Stephanie Rothman; William Campbell
1966Terence Fisher; Christopher Lee
1966Mario Bava; Giacomo Rossi-Stuart
1966Harold P. Warren; Tom Neyman
1966Ingmar Bergman; Bibi Andersson
1967Jim O'Connolly; Joan Crawford
1967Roman Polanski; Jack MacGowran
1967Roy Ward Baker; James Donald
1967Konstantin Yershov and Georgi Kropachyov; Leonid Kuravlyov
1967Terence Young; Audrey Hepburn
1968Terence Fisher; Charles Gray
1968Ingmar Bergman; Liv Ullmann
1968George A. Romero; Duane Jones
1968Roman Polanski; Mia Farrow
1968Michael Reeves; Vincent Price
1969Yasuzo Masumura; Eiji Funakoshi
1969Terence Fisher; Peter Cushing
1969Narciso Ibáñez Serrador; Lilli Palmer
1969Gordon Hessler; Christopher Lee
1969Joseph Adler; Ross Harris

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