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Can you name the movies released in the 1970s that received a PG rating from the MPAA?

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1970Brian G. Hutton; Clint Eastwood
1970Arthur Hiller; Ali MacGraw
1970Franklin J. Schaffner; George C. Scott
1970Freddie Francis; Joan Crawford
1970Don Siegel; Clint Eastwood
1971Tom Laughlin; Delores Taylor
1971Guy Hamilton; Sean Connery
1971Hal Ashby; Ruth Gordon
1971Boris Sagal; Charlton Heston
1971Daniel Mann; Ernest Borgnine
1972William Crain; William Marshall
1972Bob Fosse; Liza Minnelli
1972Michael Ritchie; Robert Redford
1972Sydney Pollack; Robert Redford
1972Irwin Allen and Ronald Neame; Gene Hackman
1973George Lucas; Ron Howard
1973Terrence Malick; Sissy Spacek
1973Guy Hamilton; Roger Moore
1973Woody Allen; Diane Keaton
1973George Roy Hill; Paul Newman
1974Francis Ford Coppola; Gene Hackman
1974Jack Clayton; Robert Redford
1974Steven Spielberg; Goldie Hawn
1974Irwin Allen and John Guillermin; Steve McQueen
1974Mel Brooks; Gene Wilder
1975Stanley Kubrick; Ryan O'Neal
1975Steven Spielberg; Roy Scheider
1975Guy Hamilton; Roger Moore
1975Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones; Graham Chapman
1975Bryan Forbes; Katharine Ross
1976Alan J. Pakula; Robert Redford
1976Michael Ritchie; Walter Matthau
1976Clint Eastwood; Chief Dan George
1976John G. Avildsen; Sylvester Stallone
1976Arthur Hiller; Richard Pryor
1977Woody Allen; Diane Keaton
1977Steven Spielberg; Richard Dreyfuss
1977Hal Needham; Burt Reynolds
1977Lewis Gilbert; Roger Moore
1977George Lucas; Mark Hamill
1978Randal Kleiser; John Travolta
1978Philip Kaufman; Donald Sutherland
1978Ralph Bakshi; Christopher Guard (voice)
1978Richard Donner; Christopher Reeve
1978Martin Rosen and John Hubley; John Hurt (voice)
1979Gary Nelson; Maximilian Schell
1979Peter Yates; Dennis Christopher
1979Robert Benton; Meryl Streep
1979Lewis Gilbert; Roger Moore
1979Martin Ritt; Sally Field

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