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Can you name the 101 Sci-Fi Movies You Must See Before You Die?

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1902Georges Méliès
1924Yakov Protazanov
1924René Clair
1927Fritz Lang
1933James Whale
1936William Cameron Menzies
1951Christian Nyby
1951Rudolph Maté
1951Robert Wise
1953William Cameron Menzies
1953Byron Haskin
1953Jack Arnold
1954Gordon Douglas
1954Ishirô Honda
1954Richard Fleischer
1956Don Siegel
1956Fred McLeod Wilcox
1957Jack Arnold
1959Henry Levin
1960George Pal
1962Vladimir Chebotaryov and Gennadiy Kazanskiy
1962Chris Marker
1964Byron Haskin
1965Elio Petri
1965Jean-Luc Godard
1966Václav Vorlícek
1966François Truffaut
1966John Frankenheimer
1966Richard Fleischer
1967Roy Ward Baker
1968Franklin J. Schaffner
1968Stanley Kubrick
1971George Lucas
1971Stanley Kubrick
1972Douglas Trumbull
1972Andrei Tarkovsky
1972George Roy Hill
1973Richard Fleischer
1973René Laloux
1973Woody Allen
1973Michael Crichton
1974John Carpenter
1976Michael Anderson
1976Nicolas Roeg
1977George Lucas
1977Steven Spielberg
1979Ridley Scott
1979Andrei Tarkovsky
1979Nicholas Meyer
1980Mike Hodges
1980Irvin Kershner
1981David Cronenberg
1981John Carpenter
1981George Miller
1982John Carpenter
1982Ridley Scott
1982Nicholas Meyer
1982Steven Spielberg
1982Steven Lisberger
1983David Cronenberg
1983Luc Besson
1983Richard Marquand
1984John Sayles
1984Alex Cox
1984David Lynch
1984John Carpenter
1984Michael Radford
1984James Cameron
1985Terry Gilliam
1985Robert Zemeckis
1985Geoffrey Murphy
1986James Cameron
1986Leonard Nimoy
1987Paul Verhoeven
1987John McTiernan
1988Katsuhiro Otomo
1988Vincent Ward
1989Shin'ya Tsukamoto
1989James Cameron
1990Paul Verhoeven
1991James Cameron
1993Steven Spielberg
1995Terry Gilliam
1995Mamoru Oshii
1996Roland Emmerich
1997Luc Besson
1997Andrew Niccol
1997Paul Verhoeven
1997Barry Sonnenfeld
1997Alejandro Amenábar
1998Darren Aronofsky
1999Larry and Andy Wachowski
1999Dean Parisot
2002M. Night Shyamalan
2003Michael Winterbottom
2004Shane Carruth
2004Alex Proyas
2006Joon Ho Bong
2004Michel Gondry
2006Alfonso Cuarón

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