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Forced Order
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Obnoxious bully / Looks better with a pig's tail / Two less gifts this year?!
Greasy, disdainful / But he turned out to be good / Green eyes, look at me!
Time-Turned through classes / Proud of being a mudblood / Free the house elves now!
Wrongly imprisoned / Odd one out of family / Never betrayed James!
Beautiful and skilled / Loves husband in spite of scars / You saved my sister!
Motherly to all / And a fierce opponent too / Not my daughter you--
Had a rough childhood / But became a great wizard / I just wanted socks!
Stern, fair headmistress / Deeply trusted Dumbledore / Potter, try and win!
Toad-like professor / Hates centaurs, werewolves, and more / You must not tell lies!
Student at Durmstrang / Amazing quidditch player / Hermy-own-ninny!
A great sock lover / Saved prisoners before death / Must protect Harry!
Glorifies pure-bloods / Despite his half-blood background / Stop, the boy is mine!
The toughest auror / A bit paranoid as well / Constant vigilance!
The master of death / Saved the world with two best friends / Expelliarmus!
Loved by former friend / Married 'arrogant toe-rag' / No, kill me instead!
Joking businessman / Played many pranks with his twin / You see, I'm holey!
Arrogant and mean / Still not quite a death eater / Weasley is our king!
A complete coward / Disloyal to all his friends / He would have killed me!
Cruel and ruthless / Loyal servant to Dark Lord / Crucio, mudblood!
Rather odd outcast / Even odder jewelry / Ooh look, a nargle!
A prefect in school / But also a marauder / Oh no, the full moon!
Destroyed the locket / Emotions of a teaspoon / Go Chudley Cannons!
Seems lame at first glance / But hides a courageous heart / Where could Trevor be?
Loves pink umbrella / Strange, dangerous creatures too / Follow the spiders!
Very shy at first / Around eventual spouse / Go Bat-Bogey Hex!

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