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Charges need to be ________ to prevent a build up of _______ and loose ______
An involuntary risk is un_____
Increased mass and speed need ____ force to keep in circle radius needs ____
Hy____ makes he___
_____241 is used in fire alarms
Velocity measured in
Alpha charge __ beta ___ gamma_
Fusion happens in ____
Alhpa and beta radition are
Electrons are _ protons are _ neutrons are ____
Energy = ______ x current x____
Controll rods ____ neutrons and slow reactions
Electrons can transfer as they have a ____ connection
What factors effect thinking distance?
CFCs produced by _____
CFCs damage the _____ _____
Gamma can cause and cure ____
alpha is most _________ least_____
Carbon dating compares what levels should be to what they ___
A corected count rate takes away ___________ _______
cosmic rays are streams of ____ particles
Background radiation is mostly caused by ______ in rocks
In fussion both atoms are _
gamma is most __________ least____
Fission produces _ daughter nuclei and _ neutrons
GPE is highest at _______ of coaster
if something looses electrons it becomes _
_______ radiation can test paper thickness
______-level waste is the most problematic no simple way to get rid
A bird flying in a circle at a constant speed changes _______ so _______ changes so __________ changes
What increases as you fall?
Power = _______x______
Gamma radiation is a electromagnetic
Work done is measured in
What do you add together to get stopping distance?
A crumple zone ______ time which _____ acceleration which _______ force
Fission is started by a____ happens in ____ ____
Fusion needs high pressure and ____
Name of force keep circluar motion
Force is measured in
Weight is meassured in
What does a free body diagram do?
Half lifes are time taken for half _____ to ______ radomly
isotopes have same_____ _____ different ____ _____
Northen lights are solar winds channeled towards _____
When air reistance becomes equal to weight what is reached?
Electrical Energy is highest at ________ of coaster
Accerlation measured in
Momentum measured in
Time slows the _______ you go
Fission is the _____ of atoms
Voltage = __________ x current
Power is measured in
What factors effect breaking distance?
KE is higest at _________ of coaster
Solar winds are c rays reflected from ____ surface

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