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What type of cell has a cell wall?
What happens in the cytoplasm?
What does the nucleus do?
What part of the cell allows substances in and out?
Where are chromosomes
What shape is DNA?
Part of a gene is called?
DNA make up ________and they make up chromosomes
The four letter base pairs are?
How many amino acids are there?
What is an advantage of growing microorganisms in a fermenter?
Why must fermenters by sterilised?
Name a substance that could be made from microorganisms grown in a fermenter
What is the first stage in making of protein called?
What is the second stage in making protein called?
when making protein the DNA________
this leaves the ________strand exposed
_________is then formed using this strand as a template
this is then sent to the _______ where protein is produced
it gets there by going through___________ in the cell
(18) is then read by (19) and _______ is produced
this then goes to the _________ and collects______ ______
theses are then placed in a line called _______
Many (23) intertwined form______
experiments must be repeated to ensure they are_________
Aerobic resperation word equation
What is energy from resperation used for?
In a cell does co2 diffuse a)into the blood stream or b) into the cell?
Oxygen defuses ___________ the cell
How many cells thick is a cappilary?
Particles diffuse to the solution with the ____________ concerntration
In the alveolus co2 diffueses into the________
In the alveolus o2 diffuses into the_______ _______
When we breathe in our diaphragm _________
the volume in the thorax then _____________
therefore the pressure in the__________ _____________
Air then rushes___
This process is reversed when we ________ _____
After exercising we breathe quicker to repay the oxygen___________
Anerobic resperation doesnt invole
True or false anerobic resperation produces less energy than aerobic?
lactic acid is broken down into
cramp is caused by______ _______
Dieting can have unwanted ______ effects
Mitosis is the _________of cells
stage 1 in mitosis chromosomes appear inside the nuclear__________
2 chromosomes coppy themslves to make two_________ strands
the chromosomes than move to line up in the__________of the cell
the strands then seperate and sets of chromosomes begin to move to each side of the _____
a new nuclear _______around each set of chromosomes
two new nuclei formed and cells form ___ new cells
daughter nuclei are formed untilll a balll of____________ _____ cells is formed
a zygote is a ______ ___
meiosis is the______ of cells
meisois produces ________ cells
a haploid cell has __ chromosomes
The maxiumum times that a cell can divide is called the _______ limit
Stem cells and what other type of cell dont have this limit?
growth is the perminent increase in size or ____ of an organism
a tissue is a group of _____ and a organ is a group of _______
adults still have a small nimber of cells for muscel growth and ______
Adult stem cells are ______ to extract and change than embryonic stem cells
Some disagree with stem cell research as they see embryos as a ____
a ______ feotus is one that can survive by its self outside the womb
steroids are banned in sport because they have ____ _______ and can result in ____________
photosynthesis water +__________ _________ = glucose +______
plants need to grow in certain _______ with right amount of water and _____
what stimulates cells to divide?
what cells are used in cloining?
genetic modification helps cure ______
soil that is too wet for plants to grow in is__________
Cloninng ccan result in animals diying at a ______ age
Nuclear _____ mother donates the diploid cell
___ donor mother donates tha haploid cell
Surrogate mother ______ the embryo
_____ builds up in the shaded area of the plant
plants grow towards the ___
(76) ________ plant cells
Photropism makes plants grow __
geotropism makes plants grown ____
in roots (76) _____ plant growth
_______ ripens fruit
________ acid slows down growth
Dwarf crops are easy to ____ quicker to grow and are harder to ______
________ breading is selecting animals with certain charisteristics and breeding them together
gene therapy is injected into body and spreads in the same way as a _____
gene therapy has potential _____ involved
_____ line therapy is ____ and doesnt effect reproductive cells children ___ inherit the faulty gene
____line therapy is _____, alters _________ cells and faulty genes ____ be passed on to children

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