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Killed King LauisSigmund Freud named a theory after him
Festival Greek tragedy originates fromGod of wine and gaiety
The woman medea killed with a golden cornetIt started with a G
Returned home only to find his wif had taken a new loverher name was Clytemnestra
Avenged his father by killing his motherKilled Clytemnestra
What the greek word 'tragoedia' means?Two words 1st word animal 2nd word something you listen to.
Famous for writing about tragedy and its unities.famous philosopher
Where Greek Tragedy took place?where it was shown
who wrote prometheus bound?Also wrote Seven aginst thebes
what did the actors wear to play the parts?worn on the face
What did the Ekkyklema carry?N.B no deaths took place on stage
who wrote Medea?Begins with E
What has 4 legs in the morning 2 legs in the afternoon and 3 legs at night?starts with a H
Who asked this riddlemade him king
In which of Sophocles' plays was Antigone the main character.the one where she defies creon and insists on burying her brother Polyneices

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