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Sunday morning got the hazy, hazy jeans I turn to you and inhale you where you lay.
Woke up cold one Tuesday, I'm looking tired and feeling quite sick,
How was I to know you’d just come along?
She makes me smile She thinks the way I think
Cross the border, Into the big bad world
I got this soul crow on my shoulder The evil eyed leads a curious fight
You said you'd marry me if I was 23 But I'm one that you can't see for I'm only 18
I was perched outside in the pouring rain, Trying to make myself a sail;
We are proud individuals living for the city, But the flames couldn't go much higher.
Picking up the pieces Of the wreck you went and left
Another day is washed away And all alibis are out
Hey, come on in. Here, sit down, make yourself comfortable.
Slow down, lie down, Remember it's just you and me.
Autumn leaves under frozen souls, Hungry hands turning soft and old,
Ooh, I got a sheet for my bed, And a pillow for my head

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