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Can you name the How well do you know the Libby Crew??

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Favourite Prime Minister?
Favourite policy?
Least favourite policy?
Favourite place?
Least favourite place?
Preferred spot in the libby?
Best alternative?
Least favourite subject?
Has a permanent residence?
Official colours?
Favourite Regis Chair?
Favourite Andrea Bocelli fan?
Sunniest place in uni?
Least favourite website?
Favourite snack for Loch Lomond?
Most common form of prejudice?
Least favourite group of people?
Best haircut?
Westlaw or LexisNexis?
Favourite defence for breach of duty of care?
What year was the Human Rights Act passed?
Legal icon?
Complete the sequence: once, twice...
Superhero Defender of the libby?
Body part of LMS people want to see most?
Most inspirational 90210 character?
Most offensive Instagram hashtag?
Greatest band of all time?
Favourite lecture venue?
Can we cope?

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