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What primary school did he go to?
What halls does he stay in?
What is his room number?
What month was his last emotional tweet? (As of 20/02/13)
What colour are his eyes?
Mum's name?
Dad's name?
Dog's name?
What is his favourite Sainsbury's fruit juice?
What is his favourite website?
What job did he really want to do?
Who was the first person he met when he moved in to halls?
How many mobile phones has he had?
What is his favourite fast food place?
If he could play for Newcastle, what number would he choose?
He got 4 As and a B in his Highers. What was the B in?
What house was he in at Peebles High School?
What house was he in at Stewart's Melville?
What kind of popcorn does he like the most?
What is his favourite nightclub?
On a scale of 1-10, if Ben Arfa left Newcastle how upset would he be?
If Tristan brings a loud girl home, can he hear her through the walls?
Which of the 50 states is the least memorable?
What kind of car does he have?
What University does he go to?
What University did he want to go to?
Independence - Yes or No?
What is his favourite colour?
Favourite baked good from the libby cafe?
When he was caught speeding, how fast was he going?

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