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Can you name the famous cases from Scots Law of delictual liability?

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This Paisley Snail case is the foundation of the Neighbourhood Principle
This Scottish Political Party had to prove the truth of all statements to use the Veritas defence in defamation
Liberty X found that goodwill from a brand name can be residual
When a couple went pulling at the rail tracks, the defence of volenti applied
Passing off of a whisky bottle
Established that defamatory statements must lower the estimation of the pursuer in the minds of right thinking members of society generally
When two of the UK's most hated people sued each other, they found that private information can be published if it is in the general interest
She lied about her pregnancy but it wasn't enough for him to get a declarator of nullity as it was not entrapment
A family friend abused their position of trust to seduce an innocent girl
The reportage defence in this case with a RESPECT-ed British politician said that allegations must be reported without endorsing them
When information (in this case about breathalysers) is in the public interest, it can be published
The threat of charging your horse at me is the same as assault
Even if a company has the similar name as these lawsuit machines, they are not liable for passing off
The life of a Monégasque princess - is it in the public interest?
Careless or negligent misrepresentation case loved by JMC
The tripartite test for liability was established in this case
Trams in Edinburgh might be bad, but a duty of care for psychiatric injury isn't owed to any secondary victims
A poor mum was owed a duty of care when she saw her kids in the hospital
This case hit it out of the park with the decision that if an event is rare, the standard of care owed is lower
Industry standard in the luxury cars industry is not always what needs to be taken - there can be a reasonable alternative
Shirley Bassey had to intend to induce a breach of contract as an end or as means to an end
Catherine Zeta-Jones' wedding caused some contrAversy about misuse of private information
Did the Harrods owner have an intention to harm in this unlawful conspiracy?
This paints a picture about how damages can be split when there is contributory negligence, keeping the law grounded
If you accept the position as England captain, there are certain high standards expected of you
When a woman gets stuck in a bathroom, she can take action to escape that will not make her liable
If your waxwork is displayed beside some murderers, that is an implication that you are a murderer
A skiier of sound mind has to know their limits
If a phone-throwing drug addicted model goes to Narcotics Anonymous she has a reasonable expectation of privacy
This council had a duty to provide a safe system of working for each particular employee
The defence of fair comment
An old man can use self defence so long as it is reasonable and proportionate
Cheeky piccies sent during the process of a marriage are confidential information
Not wearing your seatbelt is SO contributory negligent you guys, unless you have
The police can share information about potential drug dealers if it's in the course of policy duty
Moveable property e.g. lemonade bottles cannot be trespassed upon if they are too small to be inhabited

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