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Mr. Tribbiani
Johnson, DiMaggio and Pesci
Bon Jovi, Voight and Favreau
Weasley and Howard
David Schwimmer's Main Character
David Schwimmer's Other Character
Shrek Character ____ in Boots
A Term Used In Sport When You Give The Ball To A Team-Mate
Yesterday, Last Year or 1563
A Piece of Something
To Leave The Car Somewhere
Coffee Shop Where The Friends Hang Out
12 Years Old and addicted to ____
A Piece of Cutlery
World Record CrossFit Games, Nick _____
Head of SHIELD, Nick _____
They Give a Verdict In a Courtroom
Monica and Ross's Mom
Beatles Song, Hey _____
A Birthstone
Mortal Instruments Shadow-hunter
Monica and Ross's Dad
A Sporty Guy
One of Joey and Chandler's pets
Dog Droppings
To Laugh At Somebody's Misfortune
A Male Version Of A Nun
Ross's Girlfriend Who He Meets At Monica's Wedding

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