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Can you answer these questions about the entire History of Zombies? (WaW to BO3)

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What 'unfinished' word is written on the door in Nacht Der Untoten?
In what country does Verruckt take place?
The four different areas in Shi No Numa are: Comms Room, Doctors Quarters, Storage Hut and ____.
How many different debris are there on Der Riese?
Which perk machine is located in the outside alley way in Kino Der Toten?
The four characters in the map 'Five' are: John F Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon and _____.
Which type of animals would try and take your perks away on Ascension?
Which new perk was introduced in Call of the Dead?
Which vehicle could you ride in Shangri-la?
Which area is PhD flopper located on Moon?
Which buildable item could be used to open various doors on TranZit (Green Run)?
Nuketown zombies takes place simultaneously to which other zombies map?
Which sniper was a wall weapon you could buy in Die Rise?
Mob of the Dead is based off which real life prison?
How many points did Vulture Aid cost on Buried?
What is the Boss Zombie called in Origins?
How many points would it cost to open ALL the debris in Shadows of Evil on SOLO?
Which teleporter does the M8A7 spawn near in The Giant? (Please include the word 'Teleporter' in your answer)
How many weapon box locations are there in Der Eisendrache?
What is the minimum amount of debris you need to buy, to turn on the power in Zetsubou No Shima?
What is the Achievement/Trophy called for completing the Easter Egg on Gorod Krovi
Which World at War maps feature in Revelations?

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