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Can you answer the questions about the new black ops 3 zombies map 'Zetsubou No Shima'?

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The ocean that the map takes place.
What are the name of the insects that are enemies on this map?
What is the name of the new buildable Wonder Weapon?
What is the name of the new specialist weapon?
This is used to activate Temporary Power.
The Power up you are rewarded when you complete one of your trials.
The name of the smaller lab located on the left side of the island.
What perk can you go and drink for free when you defeat the Spider Boss?
What can you shoot to give you some extra air underwater?
Name of the boss zombie.
Name of the new Sub Machine Gun which is a remake of the MP-40?
The name of the trap located in the bunker.
You can obtain an electric shield when you...
You can lower this object to trap a spider and obtain a part for the new Wonder Weapon.
The colour of the water located in the body bag room.

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