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Can you answer these questions about the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 zombies map Revelations?

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Which character has the idea of creating the 'perfect world?'
Which character ruins the idea of the 'perfect world?'
How many previous maps do we see in Revelations?
Which old map do we teleport to when you complete a corruption engine?
You can pick up Al's __ from one of the cells in Mob of the Dead?
At present, How many purple perks are there?
Which old Zombie Boss that featured in Shadows of Evil, returns in Revelations?
Which old weapon, similar to Monkey Bombs, returns to Revelations?
Which wonder weapon returns for the first time since Black ops 1?
During the Easter Egg, we find out that Dr Maxis poisons who?
The name of the Shield which also featured in Gorod Krovi.
Name of the specialist weapon you can get from the box that was previously in Der Eisendrache.
Where is the Pack-a-Punch Machine located?
How many corruption engines are there?
What are you rewarded with when you complete the wall run outside of Der Eisendrache?
How many trails are there? (for one player)
What is the only previous map where a perk isn't located?
What gun are you rewarded with when you complete the chalk 'Easter Egg?'
Which previous map is Speed Cola located?
This object is finally opened when the Easter Egg is completed.
How many random box locations are there in Revelations?
In which two maps is the wall weapon the KRM-262 located?

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