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Can you answer these facts about the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 zombie map Der Eisendrache?

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What does 'Der Eisendrache' translate to in English?
What vehicle can you call with a fuse to obtain a power up?
You can obtain the bow by feeding dragon heads with zombies, How many dragon heads are there?
What is the bow called?
What is the boss zombie called that was also in Origins?
What is the new trap called located outside the castle?
How many Der Wundersphere's are there?
What can you activate by standing on four tiles?
You can upgrade the bow to have four different 'elements'. These are Lightning/Skull/Wolf and what?
How many Perk machines are there on the map?
How many Der Wunderfizz machines are there on the map?
How many perks are there altogether? (If you activate Perkaholic)
How much does it cost to teleport?
What are the new Gravity spikes wonder weapon called?
What is the name of the wall weapon you can buy when you wallrun over blue tiles in the undercroft?
How many debris are there in the map?
What is the code name for Der Eisendrache?
What is the name of the castle where Der Eisendrache takes place?
What is the name of the scientist that Richtofen talks to throughout Der Eisendrache?
What is the name of the minigun NEW to black ops 3, but was in previous zombie maps?

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