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Can you answer these questions about the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 zombies map Mob of the Dead?

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Mob of the Dead is based on which real life Prison?
What new perk was introduced into this map?
Which famous landmark is Pack-a-Punch located?
What is the name of the Boss Zombie?
What is the name of the tomahawk-like weapon which can be collected after a small challenge?
What vehicle is used to get to pack-a-punch?
What is the name of the Wonder weapon shotgun?
What is the name of the Wonder weapon shotgun when it is put into a buildable kit?
Name of the 'mode' you enter when you either get downed or need to power on something.
What room is speed cola located?
Although it is normally a Power up, You can obtain this weapon from the box in Mob of the Dead.
What is the name of the achievement/trophy of completing the Easter Egg.

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