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Can you answer these questions about the black ops 3 zombies map The Giant?

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Which World at War Zombies map is The Giant a 'remake' of?
What is opened if you link all 3 teleporters to the Mainframe?
How long do you have to link the teleporter to the mainframe?
Which character is killed in the beginning cutscene of The Giant?
Another Perk Machine is revealed in the map when you throw what into each teleporter? (You have to teleport simultaneously with it)
What is the specialist weapon you receive when you complete a small Easter Egg on The Giant?
Which wonder weapon returns in the Giant which was previously in the World at War version of the map?
What is the maximum amount of zombies the wonder weapon can kill up to in 1 shot? (Non-upgraded version)
How many traps are there in The Giant? (Answer in word form)
What 'boss round' returns to The Giant?
Which type of weather features in The Giant but not the original version of the map?
How many Gobblegum Machines are there in The Giant?
The STG-44 is the wall weapon next to Teleporter C on the original version of the map. What weapon is in that location on The Giant?
How many wall buys are there in The Giant?

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