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Who is the first of Ted's girlfriends we see in the series?
What did Victoria's shoes have on them when Ted first met her?
What language does Barney's tailor (Sergio) speak in 'Cupcake'?
What restaurant do Marshall and Brad go to for dinner?
What is more important than football to all-time leading rusher Emmit Smith?
'This just in.. look at my hand _____ is not an appropriate thing to say on the air! '
What does Dowisetrepla stand for?
At what age did Barney lose his virginity?
Who does James think of while having sex with Rhonda?
What band plays the song 'Murder Train'?
Who decided the Bro Code should be written?
What was the name of the dog/tortoise Robin had growing up?
'I'll give you ______, some are here, some are there' (Robin to Lily)
What do you get when you cross a canary with a lawn mower?
What does Barney compare to the haircutting technique where they hold the hair between their fingers and cut right above it?
How old is Ted turning when Missy is there?
When is Ted's birthday?
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'Here comes the groom, in his favourite blazer, gonna meet my wife and I _____
What's the name of Randy's beer brand?
What is The Captain's real name?
What colour is Ted's shirt at Punchy's wedding?
Who is Guy?
What is Mickey's only succesfull board game called?
What colour does Lily's face turn after her sex dream about Ranjit?
What is the name of the perfect nanny for Marshall and Lily?
What is the name of Ted's basketball team of architects?
What humiliating nickname does Tracy give Ted for his driving?
'No, not good for me, just.. just _____ for me!'
What is the name of the man who served Marshall at the car rental place?
Who wrote the first article of the Bro Code?
What is Barney and Robin's ring bearer's name?
What is the 200th episode titled?
What is the title of the very last episode of the series?

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