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What is Trigger's real name?
What is Rodney Trotter's middle name?
List the three places written on Del's Reliant Robin
What is the name of the tower block the Trotters live in?
What is the name of the girl with Cassandra in a night club when Rodney first asks her to dance?
What street does Rodney first tell Cassandra he lives down?
Which school did Del attend?
What is the name of Marlene and Boycie's Great Dane?
Th name of the episode when the Great Dane is first introduced
What is Boycie's real name?
What is the name of Uncle Albert's girlfriend?
Which burger does Rodney buy grandad instead of an Emperor Burger?
What is Uncle Albert's full name?
What name is given to Rodney and Cassandra's daughter?
Which painting of Rodney's does Del enter into a Mega Flakes competition?
What was Trigger's fancy dress costume?
What does Del tell the dating agent his name is?
How old does Rodney have to pretend to be on the holiday to Majorca?
How much is the watch found in Del's garage sold for?
Where do Del and Rodney find Cassandra's birth control pills?
Who put them in there?
What is the bouncer called in the Casino in the episode Chain Gang
What are the Driscoll Brother's first names?
In the episode Modern Men, what nickname does Del give to Dr Singh?
What is the name of the hostess in the B&B Mickey, Denzel and Jevon stay in during the Jolly Boys' Outing?
Where do Del, Rodney and Albert stay during the same episode?
What was Raquel's original name when she was married to Roy Slater?
How much does Grandad pay for a canary in the episode Who's a Pretty Boy?
Who does Trigger say the description of Del and Rodney's mum reminds him of during a seance?
What fruit does Rodney buy for Grandad in the episode Homesick

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