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What are the three states of matter?
What are the properties of Solid?
What are the properties of Liquids?
What are the properties of Gases?
Explain what gas pressure is in terms of gas particles
What is the name given to a random movement of particles in liquids and gases?
What is diffusion?
Give the names of five changes of state
What is the initial and final state of melting
What is the initial and final state of freezing
What is the initial and final state of condensing
What is the initial and final state of boiling
What is the initial and final state of subliming
When going from a liquid to a solid does it need heat energy or release energy?
What is the difference between evaporation and boiling?
Does a change of state involve a change in mass?
Why do solids, liquids and gases normally expand when they are heated?
What happens to the spacing between the water particles when ice melts
What happens to the mercury in a thermometer when it's heated
In what form is water found in the air?
Describe the water cycle
How does wind affect the amount of water that evaporates from a lake.
During a lab experiment would you expect water to evaporate quicker in a warm room or a cold room?

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