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The variable that you change during an experiment.
These types of glaciers reside in the high mountain terrain.
Liquid to Gas
amount of salt dissolved in water is known as
solid to gas
This oceanic mechanism controls the worldwide climate patterns.
underwater landslides
An educated guess.
percentage of fresh water
Waterfalls are typically associated with this type of glacial feature.
under water rivers
when drilling down you reach water, what is that called
ocean scientist
All matter is made up of ____________..
The region under the ocean that encapsulates everything from the shelf to the abyssal plain.
gas to solid
Underwater geological structures formed by tectonic plates separating.
hot air rises due to this property
percentage of water to land on earth
The unit of volume for a solid cylinder.
freezing point
The name of the geological feature that separates water from flowing into the Pacific or into other oceanic basins in North America.
Unit for volume for liquids and gases.
The process by which icebergs are created.
hintanswer nothing
percentage of earth water that is available
water scientist
The region immediately off the shore under the ocean.
The total kinetic energy within an object.
The process that allows for cold water to rise replacing warm water that has been blown offshore.
Liquids have fixed volume but they take the shape of the
When a dense oceanic plate dives underneath a less dense continental plate, this type of geological formation is created.
The process of transferring thermal energy from a hot object to a cold object.
Liquid to solid
The more _______ you add, the faster the particles within an object will move.
The total amount of NaCl (sodium chloride) in ocean water.
boiling point
Particles are constantly ________
Variables that do not change.
Ocean are salty because __________ amount of salt is found in rivers that lead into and accumulate in oceans.
The process used to find the volume of an irregular shape.
The total kinetic energy within an object.
There are _________ between the atoms.
Gas to Liquid
layers of rock that are porous and allow water to flow through them
Solid to Liquid
Glacial deposit at the bottom of a mountain.
This glacial feature is surrounded by three cirques.

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