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What's red, chinese, and has an attitude twice the size of his body?Mu Shu
The last of seven brothers, often dumb but often forgotten.Dopey
Bippity boppity boo. Do you know who I am too?Fairy Godmother
I'm small and fast and on the go. But look for me, and I'll change my color, oh no!Pascal
I sing, I dance, I pour you tea. Can you guess the name of this mommy?Mrs. Potts
MAGIC. Did you hear me? I said MAGIC!!! ...Sorry your time with me has ended. Please rub to continue.Genie
I swim but never drown. I'm Jamaican and tend to frown.Sebastian
I play the trumpet but no one hears. When I'm around, they scream in fear!Louis
A little chubby with farts to boot, but when you're with me and my buddy, we're always a hoot!Pumba
The conscious you never had. I look to the star you wish to have.Jiminy Cricket
I'm a star up in the sky. I'm no longer on Earth but do not cry.Ray
Hints Answers % Correct
My leaves give others the power to speak.Grandmother Willow
I'm large and fun and oafy, friendly and kind as well. I'd love to meet animals and humans alike, boy would that be swell.Baloo
I charm the maids and stand aglow, but make me mad and fire I'll blow.Lumiere
The wife of a king, a huntress, a fighter. Nala
I take care of the family pets, yet I get no respect. Nonetheless, I love those dogs and from this home I'll never defect.Nanny
My face is large, my eyes are hot. I appear when lost girls need me most, but when they want to leave my magical homeland, I do not.Cheshire Cat
A prize winning dog, you want my love and you can't have it. I'm better than you and I know it, even if you're also from NYC.Georgette
Proud and strong, stripes I bear. Regal I am, so approachers beware.Raja
Helpful yet confusing. Friend of royals and the stars. I help when needed, and disappear thereafter.Rafiki
Loud, obnoxious, fun, and friends with the only human around. Plus, most people don't even know my gender! That makes me mad!Turk

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