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uncontrolled discharge of urine caused by hyperactive (unstable) contractions of the detrusor muscle
ultrasonic procedure used to reveal abnormal structure or motion of the heart wall and thrombi
an immunoglobulin produced by the body in response to bactria, viruses or other antigentetic sugstances; counteract sand neutralized the effects of antigens and destroys bacteria a
a syndrome in which breathing periodically ceases during sleep, often associated with heavy snoring
microorganisms that are always present, usually without altering the client's health
episode of sudden shortness of breath occurring during sleep
blood in the urine; microscopic - seen on microscope, gross - can be seen with naked eye
measurements of the size, weight, and proprotions of the body
thinning of skin surface and loss of markings; thin, flabby muscles due to reduction in muscle size and shape
material and cells discharged from blood vessels
uncontrolled loss of urine caused by physical exertion in the absence of a bladder contraction
aspiration of fluid from the abdominal cavity
the total elimination of all microorganisms including spores
sterile technique; consists of those practices that eliminate all microorganisms and spores from an object or area
formation of antibodies that rotect the individual against invading agents such as lethal bacteria, viruses, toxins, and foreign tissues from other animals
a malfunction of the body's immune system that causes the body to attack its own tissues
destructive phase of metabolism
disease produced by infectious agents
practices to reduce the number, growth, and spread of microorganisms
the sensation of pain is not felt in the organ itself but instead is perceived at the spot where the organs were located during fetal development
drainage that is composed primarilyof serum, is watery in appearance, and has a low protein count
seepage of foreign substances into the interstital tissue
partial or complete separation of a wound's edges and the layers below the skin
graphic recording of the heart's electrical activity
direct physical transfer of an agent from an infected person to a hose though direct contact with a contaminated object or close contact with contaminated secretions
refers to the chronic inabilty to sleep or inadquate quality of sleep due to sleep that prematurely ends or is inerupted by periods of wakefulness
occurs when a susceptible host contacts droplet nuclei or dust particles that are suspended in the air
inability to completely evacuate the bladder
the process by which an individual becomes consciously aware of pain
range of motion exercises performed by the nurse for the dependent client
discomfort identified by sudden onset and relatively short duration, mild to severe intensity and a steady decrease in intensity over several days
the use of information and computer technology to support all aspects of nursing practice
object considered to have the presence of some microorganisms that are usually not pathogenic
the intellectual ability to think
a technique of positioning that promotes gravitational drainage of specific lung lobes.
elevation of Co2 levels in the blood indicating inadequate alveolar ventilation
a low-dose radiographic study of the breast tissue
involintary loss of stool of sufficient duration and volume to create a social or hygienic problem
The absence of microorganisms
the scab or dry crust resulting from death of the skin
pain occuring when the blood supply of an area is restricted or cut off completely
inflammation of a vein
infections acquired in the hospital or other health care facilities that awere not present or incubating at the time of admission
occurs when an agent is transferred to a susceptible hose by animate means such as mosquitos, fleas, ticks, lice, and other animals
also known as delayed or secondary closure, it is idicated when primary close of a wound is undesirable.
collapsed alveoli
combines cognitive, sensory, and emotional, and physiological components and proposes that they can act on a gate control system to lock the individual's perception of pain
arises from damage to portions of the peripheral or CNS
to move a body part toward the midline
respiratory rate greater than 24 breaths per minute
pus, generally occuring with severe inflammation accompanied by infection
smear method of examining stained exfoliative cells
excision of a small amount of tissue
technique of percussing or vibrating the chest wall in an effort to mobilize pulmonary secretions; usually acommpanies postural drainage
person's sense and udnerstanding of the world; conscious awareness of pain
loss of the ability to initaite, control or inhibit elimination
reduction of blood flow causing the skin to turn white when pressure is applied
increase in muscle size and shape due to an increase in muscle fiber
loss of urine caused by altered mobility or dexterity, access to the toilet, or changes in mentation
stimulation of B cells and antibody production
white blood cells
process caused by a concentration difference of water
written instruction for health care that is recognized under state law and is related to the provision of such care when the individual is incapacitated
anesthesia that causes the client to lose sensation in a particular area of the body
occurs in wounds that have minimal tissue loss and edges that are well approximated
visualization of a body organ or cavity through a scope
chemical that can be applied to both animate and inanimate obects to eliminate pathogens
one body part being across from another part at nearly 180
decreased oxygen level in the blood
process by which certain cells engultf and dipose of foreign bodies
intravenous infusion of a solution containing dextrose, amino acids, fats, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals
radiopaque substance that facilitates roentgen imaging of the body's internal structures
determines the susceptibility of a pathogen to an antibiotic; the ability of a test to correctly identify those individuals who have the disease
detectable accumulation of increased interstitial fluid.
A substance, usually a protein that causes the formation of an antibody and reacts specifically with that antibody.
anesthesia that causes the client to lose sensation to a localized body part
energy needed to maintain essential physiological functiosn when a person is at complete rest both physically and mentally
reduce the client's movement through the application of a device
an imaging technique that uses radio waves and a strong magnetic field to make continuous cross-sectional images of the body
the ability of a test to correctly identify those individuals who do not have the disease
person whose normal defense echanisms are impaired and who is therefore susceptible to infection
blue or gray discoloration of the skin resulting from reduced oxygen levels in the arterial blood
to bend a joint
localized collection of blood underneath the tissues that may appear as a reddish-blue swelling or mass.
use of high-frequency sounds waves instead of x-ray film to visualize deep body structures; also called an echogram
seen in wounds with extensive tissue loss iand wound in which the edges cannot be approximated
oxygen deprivation, usually caused by poor perfusion, that is usually temporary and localized
minimally depresssed level of consciousness during which the client retains the ability to maintain a continuously patent airway and to response appropriately to physical stimulati
removal of necrotic tissue to foster the regeneration of healthy tissue
graphic recording of the brain's electrical activity
abnormal sensation such as burning, prickling, or tingling
occurs when the client's visera protrude though the disrupted wound
anastheesia that causes the client to lose all sensation and consciousness; used for major surgical procedures
painful urination
infection limited to a defined area or single organ with symptoms that resemble inflammation
radiological scanning of the body with x-ray beams and radiation detectors that transmit data toa computer that transribes the data into quantitative measuremetns and multidimensio
the aspiration of fluids from the pleural cavity
elimination of pathogens, except spores, from inanimate objects
visualization of the vascular sturctures through the use of fluoroscipy with a constrast medium.
discomfort in the internal organs that is less localized and more slowly transmitted than cutaneous pain.
medications used to control the client's behavior
the delivery of low-voltage, high-frequency alternating electrical current to cauterize the abnormal myocardial tissue
a condition of fixed resistance to the passive stretch of a muscle
handheld transducer
document or legal status that enables any competent individual to name someone to exercise health-related decision-makign authority, under specific circumstances, on the individual
affects the entire body and involves multiple organs
to move a body part away from the midline
blood in the stool aht can be dtected only through a microscope or by chemical means
the nonvolitional delivery of nutrietns through a gastrointestinal tube.
also called a 'never event' or nosocomial infection
extent to which a joint can move
nutritional alterations related to inadequate intake, disorders of digestion or absorption, or overeating
occurs when an agent is transferred to a susceptible host by contaminated inanimate objects such as water, food, milk, drugs, and blood.
constructive phase of metabolism
nonlocalized pain originating in support structuressuch as tendons, ligaments, and nerves; may be a deep pain
coordinated, rhythmic, serial contraction of the smooth muscles of the GI tract
discomfort that occurs almost daily over a long period, had the potential for lasting months or years
movement of molecules in a solution or a gas from an area of high concentration to one of low concentration
to straighten a joint

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